New to LinkedIn ads? Our Toronto Digital Marketing Experts have put together 5 top tips for setting up and running your first campaign.

Social media is a growing phenomenon in our present information age. It affords us an easy opportunity to create, circulate and share information and consolidate existing connections under one or more platforms. It also has the power to influence the way we run our business and how we communicate with our customers and prospects. Word of mouth has no barriers in social media marketing—the possibilities for spreading content, ideas and opinions are virtually endless. Even if you have no presence on a specific platform it does not mean your customers and prospects are not there and talking about you.
In this featured article, our digital marketing company iRISEmedia, based in Toronto, Ontario would like to draw your attention to one platform in particular: LinkedIn. While it may not have the user base of Facebook and has high costs associated with paid advertising, this social network is a great platform to advertise on. This is especially true for brands that are looking to tailor their advertising efforts to reach an extremely targeted audience. One benefit to LinkedIn is that most of its users are there for business and networking. This means that for B2B companies and businesses that are targeting professionals LinkedIn is by far the most effective platform.
The following are 5 effective tips to make LinkedIn advertising work for you:

The 5 Methods of Paid Avertising on LinkedIn

LinkedIn offers 5 ways for B2B companies to advertise on their social network:
• Sponsored Content
• Sponsored InMail
• Text Ads
• Dynamic Ads
• Programmatic Display Ads

For more information about each product and which one is optimal for you, do not hesitate to contact our digital marketing experts in Toronto. We will be posting detailed information about each of these products in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

Tip #1: Be Specific When Targeting

The more targeted your ads are, the higher are the chances for engagements or conversions. For example, if you are selling CRM tools for small to medium sized businesses in the United States and Canada you could target users with skills related to customer service, sales management, and project management or have a job title related to one of the specific fields. Perhaps even be more specific with keywords like CRM management and productivity tools. The key is to narrow down your ad targeting as much as possible.

Tip #2: Test it out

In digital marketing, we encourage our customers to try things out and experiment. That’s because you will never know whether or not something works unless you try it out…meaning you have tested it out using multiple variations of headlines, creative, calls to action, visuals etc. During the trial “test” period, you should be monitoring the performance of each ad to see which one brings the best results.

Tip #3: Include Actionable Call to Actions

LinkedIn encourages its advertisers to use strong “call to actions”. Be mindful of the character limit on the ads in both the ad copy and the headline. As much as you want to come across as actionable, you do not want to overdo it and come across as desperate. The most effective CTAs are the ones that direct users instead of demanding that something be done. A few examples are “Show me all the available homes” or “Send me a Discount Code”. Remember, most LinkedIn users are not coming to the social network for the ads.

Tip #4: Add Your Own Tracking Code

Unlike Facebook or Google AdWords, LinkedIn does not have a built in conversion tracking code, so you will need to add tracking parameters to the end of your ad’s URL. It’s important to add a different tracking code for every ad/targeting variation, that way you can tell which ad is performing the best.

Tip #5: Avoid the Use of Stock Images

Rule of thumb, use stock images as a last resort. Images that are unique, bright, energetic and supportive of your content are key. Be sure to update your messaging and imagery at least once a week. As previously mentioned, your audience will settle on different messaging and images, so you may find that launching new campaigns as opposed to revising existing ones may bring optimal results.

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