Like in the final scene of The Social Network, you keep hitting the refresh button, certain your latest Facebook ad campaigns will attract fans. Yet there’s been no response or engagement. Completely mystified, you wonder why no one’s engaging or liking your posts or Facebook page. Here are ten areas in which you may need to touch up on your social media marketing skills.

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1. Asking questions that are too broad or too personal

Open-ended questions come across as rhetorical, and if they’re too personal, they’re quite easy to misunderstand. Instead, ask specific or multiple choice questions that allow your audience to make meaningful connections.


2. The tone is uninspiring

Sure, this is your business, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be more relaxed and inspiring. Share some jokes or success stories that also show the human side of your business.


3. Every post is pure text

Replace those pure text posts with posts that include images and videos of the latest contest winners, happy employees or any image that’s visually appealing and relates to what you as companies do.


4. There’s too much focus on selling

While an occasional post about your products and services is okay, especially if it’s new or was recently spoken about in the news, don’t use Facebook too much as a sales vehicle. Remember, people go to Facebook to catch up and connect—when they want to buy, they’ll go to your website to do so.


5. You only talk about your business

Fans expect news, tips and photos that go beyond your business and its website. Occasionally, it’s good to share news from sites other than your own to attract attention. Don’t forget to use “@” and “#” to tag relevant people and groups to posts.


6. You’re not interacting with your fans

Fans should know their feedback and comments are valued, so be sure to respond to their likes, comments and questions with a thank you.


7. Your page has an identity crisis

To avoid a cluttered page and create a steady stream of engaging posts, develop an editorial calendar. Along with providing structure, it lets your fans easily learn more about your business and the type of content they can expect to see. Just make sure you build in flexibility so you can quickly respond to current news and fan feedback.


8. You give in too early

If you place the same amount of patience and perseverance on engaging your Facebook audience that you applied to building your company, you’ll achieve much success in social media. Everything takes a lot of patience and your patience will pay off if you wait.


9. Posting during the busy times

The best time to post on Facebook differs for each individual business page, but it’s important to keep news feed competition in mind. You already know how difficult it is to keep someone’s attention and stand out from the crowd. When you post during the busiest hours of the day, you’re making your task even more difficult to be reached. Check your Facebook analytics under Posts to see what the best time to post is.


10. No Clear Instructions

Don’t be afraid to be very specific and ask your fans to engage you in a particular way. A Facebook call-to-action that asks a fan to “like,” caption this, share, respond yes or no, or give a thumbs up receives 48% more engagement than those that don’t.



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