16 04, 2010

Some ways to determine keyword research results using Google tools.

April 16th, 2010|Pay Per Click, Resource Centre, Search Engine Optimization|

Recently I came across an article discussing three ways to use Google’s search results. This article will summarize those tools as well as mention some others.

One tool is “Google Suggest.” Google Suggest was added as part of the standard Google search bar in 2008. What it does is, as you are typing a search phrase, […]

16 04, 2010

Site Speed Affects Google rankings

April 16th, 2010|News, Search Engine Optimization|

It’s official: Google, the search engine giant, has now added site speed as a factor in improving page rankings. Site speed measures how quickly a web page loads based on certain requests.

Matt Cutts said last year that there was “strong lobbying” inside Google to account for site speed as a new ranking factor. While this was a […]