26 05, 2010

Google TV – What it means for Search

May 26th, 2010|Social Media|

Recently Google came out with a direct competitor to TiVO called "Google TV." Google TV is revolutionary in that it solves a big problem facing today's internet users.
25 05, 2010

Facebook Heads to Washington for Privacy Briefing

May 25th, 2010|Social Media|

In light of Facebook’s announcement of new privacy controls, Facebook bigs like Mark Zuckerberg are flying to Washington, DC to discuss issues like policy changes and try to influence legislators that what Facebook is doing is legal. They are specifically inviting House and Senate staff to the Capitol Visitors Center in order that they […]

25 05, 2010

New Google Chrome Internet Browser now comes out for Macintosh and Linux Operating Systems

May 25th, 2010|Web Design and Development|

Earlier today, Google announced on Chrome’s blog that it’s Chrome browser has now been released for Macintosh and Linux Operating Systems. This is great as it allows computer users of all kinds to enjoy the worlds fastest GUI browser.

According to the blog article, the new browser supports HTML 5 features like “Geolocation APIs, App Cache, […]

25 05, 2010

Facebook Starting to Shape Up – Privacy Settings, Conversion Tracking

May 25th, 2010|Social Media|

Facebook, the world’s most popular hacked social networking website, has made a couple of changes that will make it not only more secure, but will allow for one to track ones return on investment (ROI) on Ad Spend.

Last February, an article on “allFacebook” announced that a beta version of Ad Conversion Tracking was released to […]

23 05, 2010

World Cup 2010 Has Gone Social

May 23rd, 2010|Social Media|

Social Media has affected world events in that one can get a feel of how it affects many. A major recent news topic has been The World Cup of Soccer. This is a noteworthy topic in that not only does sports have a major impact on societal behaviour, but this is one of the events […]

21 05, 2010

Social Media Optimization – The Newest Trend in Internet Advertising

May 21st, 2010|Social Media|

In an article from Pi Business Research, the writers mention that search engines are no longer the primary method of getting traffic to your site. Social bookmarking tools, blogs, and social networks are rapidly becoming more popular. For example, a story on a social website like Facebook or YouTube can bring more website traffic to […]

18 05, 2010

Search Engine Marketing Rap with SEO Rapper

May 18th, 2010|Search Engine Optimization|

We finally found a surprisingly clever way to get people to listen about the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The below rap video sums up Search Engine Optimization in a nutshell. The rapper's site is on http://theseorapper.com, and the site has some other intriguing SEO rap videos worth watching. Enjoy...
12 05, 2010

Plans for Firefox 4

May 12th, 2010|Social Media, Web Design and Development|

An article on Mashable featured a slideshow that described in detail what certain plans for Firefox 4 were. Some of the features seemed to mimic Google Chrome’s layout and functionality, while some were newer and more innovative.

Firefox has always been the one browser to appeal to both end-users and web/firefox developers alike. They were able […]

11 05, 2010

Google AdWords Launches New Broad Match Modifier

May 11th, 2010|Pay Per Click|

Earlier today, Google Adwords on their blog announced that they will be adding a new feature on Adwords, available at this time only to Canadian and United Kingdom residents, called “Modified Broad Match.”

The way traditional “broad match” has worked in the past is that, adding a keyword phrase without quotations allows for certain words to […]