28 06, 2010

Facebook Officially at “Search War” with Google

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Many at Facebook see Facebook as a successor to Google in many ways. While the search engine in Facebook has been unstable and currently is no threat to Google at this very moment, Facebook has "declared war" by unleashing it's "Open Graph Search Engine," which will be a "social semantic search engine." What this means

28 06, 2010

7 Quick Tips on How to Expand your Presence via Social Media

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Update your status daily. Write/share some posts and links daily. Keeping up-to-date will show your friends/followers what you are up to, and will have them continuing to reach your profile page. Users want to see "what is constantly happening." Updating your status will show up on each friends/followers walls, thereby increasing the chances of people

25 06, 2010

Google Adwords – Basic Tips on How to Improve Quality Score

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In Pay Per Click Marketing with Google Adwords, Quality Score is essential to a campaign's success. A good Quality Score can make all the difference between a successful campaign and a failure. Good Quality Score translates into lower costs per click and higher chances of a web visitor converting into a buyer. Here are some

24 06, 2010

6 Quick Easy SEO Foundations That Every Web Site Should Have

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Most owners of small-to-medium sized businesses build a company website either with design in mind, or with the purpose of getting a web presence quickly without much thought to detail. As a result, these websites fail to generate the proper traffic that they deserve. The following is a list of basic SEO foundations that every website should have at the very least