27 07, 2010

The Wild West and Google Places (Local Business Listings) – Google’s Sheriffs Are on Patrol

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Clint Eastwood - Wild West A month ago we wrote about some techniques on leveraging Local Business Listings for ones business. While all resources are valuable, Google continues to be the popular choice for a business to be listed under because, well, it's Google. However, the system still needs to be tamed as it's still very recent. As Google continues to mature its Local Listings (Now Places), it needs to screen businesses. Google Local search results still continue to be the "wild west" of online marketing with practically no means of monitoring it.

22 07, 2010

Aloha, the HTML5 Editor, has Officially Arrived

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Aloha Editor, a WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) HTML5 editor, has officially come out. It is easy to use, and features fast editing, floating menu, and support for HTML5 ContentEditable. It provides HTML5 WYSIWYG editor functionality to any website content instantaneously, allowing content editors to view changes the moment they type. Aloha

22 07, 2010

Mobile Smart-Phone Wars Updated

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Towards the end of the month of July, the mobile smart phone wars rage on. It's nothing short of amazing how the mobile smart phones have changed so drastically from one day to the next. Google thus far has made the most significant advancement with its free, open-source mobile operating system, the Android. Distributing the

21 07, 2010

Inadvertent SEO Leads GoDaddy to Close Down Canadian Extremist Website

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After receiving a complaint from Canada's Attorney-General,  GoDaddy, one of the largest Website Domain and Web Hosting Agencies based in Arizona, has recently shut down an extremest website used by Salman Hossain of Mississauga, Ontario. Among other things, this website called for genocide of the Canadian Jewish community, the National Post reported earlier. How SEO

15 07, 2010

Bing-o! Yahoo Starts to Test Bing-Powered Results, Perhaps as Early as Today

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Yahoo recently confirmed they are testing Bing powered results “offline,” which we have already known since July 17th. But today for the first time, Yahoo has confirmed they will test Bing powered results in the live search results. SearchEngineLand received an email which wrote: "Though much of our testing is already happening offline, this month

13 07, 2010

The iPhone 4 Officially Flops – Windows Vista Anyone?

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As soon as the iPhone 4 came out, there were problems with reception and usability to the point where Consumer Reports refused to recommend it to consumers. For example, it was discovered that issues like the "death grip" reception problem were hardware-related, not software. This may result in Apple recalling the iPhone 4,

9 07, 2010

Social Media Lands Baseball Player in All-Star Game

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Recently, MLB.com posted the All-Star "Final Vote" winners for the Major League Baseball All-Star Game. One of those winners was Nick Swisher of the New York Yankees. The race was a tight one between Nick Swisher and the Red Sox's beloved Kevin Youkilis. Nick Swisher won it by a close number of fan votes, hugely