31 08, 2010

Don’t Tweet Yourself into Huge Trouble! – Marcus Jordan Example

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Twitter is, like the internet that it runs on, nothing more than a tool, albeit a very powerful tool. If wielded properly, it can produce fantastic results, whereas if misused, it can hurt you. Case in point: Marcus Jordan (Twitter Profile: SASBMJ), son of the legendary Michael Jordan, himself is a basketball player at UCF (University of Central Florida), already has notoriety for being related to royalty and has over 8,000 followers on Twitter. With that backing Marcus, himself only 19 years old, tweeted about losing $50,000 USD, "35k at haze" in one day. This was with reference to gambling in Las Vegas earlier that day. Marcus Jordan's older brother, Jeffrey, and Jeffrey's teammate, A.J. Rompza, both are 21, legally permitted to drink and gamble, and allegedly encouraged Marcus to gamble with them. As a result of the tweet, the Nevada Gaming Control Board has launched a investigation in this matter.

31 08, 2010

When Will Facebook Start Showing Video Stats Like YouTube?

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Someone recently shared with me a certain video clip on Facebook that was taken from a reality TV series "Scare Tactics." This person has a little over 200 friends, yet the video was commented on and shared a repeated amount of times. It's almost safe to say that this video on Facebook went viral.

25 08, 2010

Blogs Redefining “News” – Baseball’s Jose Bautista taking Steroids?

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We recently wrote a post about how blogs and the Internet have changed the way people get their news. Like almost everything, there are two sides to this coin. While our previous post focused on the positive, as demonstrated from the blog in Mexico, this article will demonstrate how dangerous blogs can be because , quite frankly, there is no one to answer to. Literally, anyone can create a blog and just "shoot from the hip".

25 08, 2010

FourSquare, the Newest Social Media App, is Here to Stay

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Many people are wondering what the FourSquare phenomenon "is." With the social media application Twitter founded in 2006, online users are still trying to "get" Twitter. What's FourSquare? FourSquare is a new form of Social Media for the smartphone where one earns points and badges by visiting friends and places. The one that visits the most places in a given location becomes "mayor" of that location. It's a new, incentive-based way to get up from the couch and meet people and places. With over 1 million subscribers, the people have spoken.

24 08, 2010

Facebook Movie to be Released – Hilarious Adwords PPC Story on Mark Zuckerberg

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It's finally here and it didn't take too long. The movie about Facebook, called "the Social Network," is being released in October. Can you believe this? Facebook is barely a few years old and already a block-buster movie has been made about it! The Social Network essentially describes how Facebook started out in a Harvard College dorm room by a geeky kid by the name of Mark Zuckerberg. Mark was rejected by practically all of the social clubs on campus and was looking for a way to "fit in". And boy did he end up "fitting in". He creates a Social Media Community platform first called Face Mash within his university which just grew and grew and grew.

23 08, 2010

Google Creates Mobile App to Feature “Push” Notifications on iPhone

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Google Mobile's blog announced a new release for the iPhone: an App that allows for Push notifications on Gmail. Push notifications are a handy tool as, compared to "pull" where someone essentially downloads, or "pulls" data from an email server, "push" places data on an existing server. With "push," everything is synchronized and the server is updated real-time when one makes updates to a phone, whether it's adding a contact, sending an email or creating a new calendar event.

20 08, 2010

Blogs are Re-defining the term “News” – Mexico’s Blog Del Narco Example

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There is no doubt that the Internet has changed the world. One can, with some finger motions, gain a plethora of information at a whim. At the same time, it has allowed anybody to post whatever one wishes online, unedited and uncensored. When this power of unfettered free speech is wielded in an informative, balanced manner, the public rewards it with tremendous credibility. At the same time, everyone senses that traditional news channels and media outlets are biased to their own respective agendas. So is it really "news"?

19 08, 2010

Twitter loses its followers – literally

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Recently, Mashable commented that Twitter lists and Tweet counts have been malfunctioning for some users over the last few hours, and this has been fixed. As of this one minute prior to this writing, iRISEmedia.com's followers and tweets were malfunctioning, with the amount of "followers," "following" and "tweets" each numbering zero. This was first noticed

16 08, 2010

An Overheated iPod delays Tokyo train

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An Apple iPod that recently overheated caused some delays to a busy Tokyo commuter train, Reuters reported earlier today. On Friday morning during rush hour, after passengers complained of a strong burning smell, the train was forced to come to a halt, the rail line operator said on Monday. The delay, which was on Tokyo's