30 11, 2010

Google Responds to “Can You Make My Site #1 On Google?”

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If you’re planning to hire an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) agency or professional to optimize your website, the first question you will likely ask them will be "Can you make my site rank #1 on Google ?" And if you are an SEO professional this is probably the question you get asked the most. The quick answer to this question is that you most certainly can make a site reach the #1 position on Google using proper SEO techniques. However, beware of any SEO firm that guarantees you this #1 position. No matter what type of SEO expert you are, guaranteeing SEO rankings is a no-no in the industry. This is clearly expressed directly from the source. Matt Cutts, from Google, states that "No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google."

26 11, 2010

DOVE Evolution

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This video shows how image editing can transform a "plain" woman into a goddess that Dove endorses. It has generated close to 30,000 hits.

23 11, 2010

How to SEO Your Website Series – Part IV – Basic Tips

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learn seo in 18 steps In Part I of this series we provided you with 17 tips to consider from an SEO perspective in the initial stages of building a website. In Part II we outlined 8 important SEO tips from a coding or programming perspective. In Part III we offered 6 great SEO tips about content writing. In this fourth and final article we touch upon some basic yet fundamental concepts to keep in mind when you SEO your website.

23 11, 2010

iPad – Will It Blend?

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This video has 9.5 million views and is funny. A 1970's style show takes a modern invention, the IPad, and combines both worlds.

22 11, 2010

How to SEO Your Website Series – Part III – Content

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Just to re-cap, in Part I of the "How to SEO Your Website" series we provided you with 16 tips to consider from an SEO perspective in the initial stages of building a website. In Part II we outlined 8 important SEO tips from a coding or programming perspective. In this article we will provide 6 great tips to attract not only the eyes of the people, but the eyes of the search engines as well. Content is crucial from both a short term and long term perspective. At the end of the day, the best SEO strategy is to have people accessing your website in order to gather pertinent information on a subject. If this happens enough times, the search engines will reward your site with the top positions.

22 11, 2010

Foursquare, the Popular Mobile Phone Location Based App, Grows to 4.5M Users and Opens West Coast Office

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foursquare logo The founders of Foursquare, Dennis Crowley and Naveen Selvadurai must be very happy now (and rich!). It was announced today that their one and a half year old baby, location-based social network Foursquare, has grown to over 4.5 million users. They will be heading west and will be opening an office in San Francisco, CA. If you’re not familiar with the software, it is basically a web and mobile application that allows registered users to connect with friends and update their location. Points are awarded for "checking in" at specific places.

22 11, 2010

Chinese Woman Re-Tweets Fiancés Tweet and Gets Arrested

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China really is an interesting country. It has become the second richest nation in the world, however, when it comes to political maturity, it is one of the poorest. China is well known for their censorship and tight restrictions posed on freedom of expression. The internet and its traffic of information are keenly observed by the Chinese government, and any trespassing of restrictions or misuse of the freedom given, if caught, will be punished. Recently, a Chinese woman was sentenced to an entire year in a labor camp for her satirical tweet that mentioned Japan but was directed at China. According to reports, the female online activist Cheng Jianping was sentenced to a year of "Re-education through Labor" for "disturbing social order..."

19 11, 2010

Angry Birds Dethroned By Smurfs!

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By clicking on the “Top-Grossing” tab on the App Store on your iPhone or iPad, you will be able to see which games are making the most money out of the online store, and of course, making money for Apple. A very addictive and casual game called Angry Birds, where you have to kill green pigs with birds fired from slingshots (makes huge sense!), was on top of the hill for a long long time. This is until now.