27 01, 2011

e-Reader Craze Reaches Africa, Brings Thousands of Books to Children in Ghana

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Worldreader.org is experimenting with the notion that e-readers are libraries you can fit in your pocket. This organization is starting a new campaign that would deliver e-readers, like Barnes and Noble's Nook and Amazon’s Kindle, to children in Ghanaian schools. The e-readers will serve as multi-purpose textbooks by providing instant access to the thousands of books now available digitally. Ghana students posing with e-Reader e-Readers require a high initial investment as well as Internet access. However, they take up very little space and do not require shipping and production costs that would make it expensive to send a library’s worth of reading materials to remote regions in third world countries. Assuming that the devices don’t break, it's a brilliant way of ensuring that students can read the most recent editions and releases of books via digital storefronts.

17 01, 2011

Coolest Card Trick on the Internet. Period

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James Galea apparently is the new flavour in town. This magician shows perhaps the coolest card trick out there that involves, not one or two cards, but rather the entire deck.

12 01, 2011

Groupon Expected to Buy Israeli Company Grouper for $15 Million USD

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Groupon, the online coupon giant based in Chicago who reportedly rejected a $6 billion USD offer from Google several weeks ago, has just bought Grouper, an Israeli company, for an estimated $15 million USD. This is impressive since the initial investment of the business was in the tens of thousands of Sheqels, provided by Grouper's 3 founders: Dori Hilleli, Dotan Stav and Yuval Karjevski. The three founders are each expected to earn $4 million each, while Ido Pollak, CEO of the New Media division at RGE Group, may get $1-2 million. Still, that's no small change.

11 01, 2011

The Chase Film – Intel – Greatest Commercial Yet

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Intel's recent commercial "The Chase Film" features stunning visuals across the Microsoft Windows 7 platform. It features a couple of guys chasing a woman for an envelope through various platforms. These include Facebook, Flickr, Quicktime Player, Windows Picture Viewer, iTunes, Gmail Chat, and a Mortal Kombat style videogame. This has to be perhaps Intel's greatest commercial of date, in our opinion at least.

11 01, 2011

Groupon, the New Giant, Secures Close To, Like, a Billion Dollars ($950 million) in Financing

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Groupon today has secured close to a billion dollars ($950 million) in funding, Business Wire reports. Groupon intends to use the funds to increase global expansion, invest in technology, and provide liquidity for employees and early investors. A number of VC (venture capital) firms and late-stage investors will be financing Groupon. This past year Groupon has been dubbed “the fastest growing company ever” by Forbes Magazine and “America’s best website” by one of Groupon’s TV commercials.

6 01, 2011

Ted Williams, Homeless Man With Golden Voice Finds Job on CBS News: Exclusive Interview

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The recent homeless YouTube video sensation, Ted Williams has just landed a job as an announcer for the Cleveland Cavaliers of the National Basketball Association (NBA). The former radio announcer had in the past fallen on hard times, took drugs and alcohol, and claims to have been clean for two years now. In any case, the video was so successful that it took him a matter of two days to land a job.

5 01, 2011

Social Media Toronto News – Toronto & The World – December 31th, 2010

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Welcome back to Social Media News. We bring you the latest updates in social media from Toronto and the world. This past week in Social Media news and events the following items stood out:

  1. Apple’s Mac App Store ready to be launched on January 6th
  2. Mozilla’s Firefox overtakes Microsoft’s Internet Explorer in Europe
  3. Google isn’t the most accessed site on the web, Facebook is
  4. Toronto based newspaper Globe and Mail launches iPad app