24 02, 2011

A Proud Egyptian Father Names First-Born Daughter Facebook Jamal Ibrahim

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There is no greater blessing for a parent than to name a baby. Baby Facebook’s proud parents not only had this honor they made a political and social media statement while doing so. Social media changes lives. As a side point emphasizing how powerful Social Media is, we recently wrote about a poor homeless guy, Ted Williams, who landed a job and basically was able to resurrect his life through Social Media in a similar manner that Social Media took down Mubarak’s 29 year reign as President of Egypt." The Egyptian couple named their first born daughter Facebook Jamal Ibrahim, reports TechCrunch, according to Al-Ahram (one of the most popular newspapers in Egypt). This is in no small part due to their gratitude towards Facebook in that it was the key player in Hosni Mubarak's abdication of his presidency after 29 years in power in Egypt.

11 02, 2011

Matt Cutts, Google and the Allegation that Bing Stole Search Results from Google

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A short while ago Google had accused Bing, rightfully so, about stealing click data from and piggybacking Google's Search results. Google's basis was that they had, as a test, given laptops to Google employees to use at home for testing purposes. These laptops contained Google search results with specific weird "test" keyword phrases which users were to click on. They also were to test these results on the Google toolbar on the Internet Explorer browser with "suggested sites" turned on. Needless to say, the results posted on Bing within a matter of days are pretty damning.

10 02, 2011

Facebook and Google making a Play for Twitter

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On February 10, 2011, The Wall Street Journal reported that Twitter executives held “low level” talks with executives at Google and Facebook in past months about possibly taking over Twitter. There seems to be a lot of information being exposed about a confidential matter.  Facebook, Google and Twitter have declined to comment on it.  However, it’s interesting 

4 02, 2011

Egypt, Hosni Mubarak, the Internet and Social Media

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Hosni Mubarak is, to put it mildly, undergoing a struggle to maintain power. He has been president of Egypt for close to 30 years (since 1981) and, due to a public relations failure, is in danger of losing his position to a revolt. While formal protests have not been permitted since 1967, when Egypt fell under Martial Law, organizers decided to use Twitter with the hashtag #jan25 to organize the revolt in a clandestine manner. There even was a Facebook page laying out the details of the revolt, and where organizers claim to be taking a stand against crime, torture, unemployment, and poverty.