29 04, 2011

Royal Wedding: Prince William and Princess Catherine kiss

April 29th, 2011|Videos, Viral Video of the Day|

Prince William kisses his new wife Princess Catherine on the balcony of Buckingham Palace in front a crowd, hundreds of thousands strong.
17 04, 2011

Google Exodus

April 17th, 2011|Videos, Viral Video of the Day|

This is amazing how Aish does this. It took the story of Passover and made it relatable through internet channels like Facebook, Google Maps, Amazon, Gmail and more. There are many of these kinds of movies out there on the Web, but still, this is pretty cool. Well over one million views and perfect for the Passover season.
13 04, 2011

Funniest Japanese Girls Prank – Turning into Old Men

April 13th, 2011|Videos, Viral Video of the Day|

Two young Japanese girls turn into two old Japanese men and there's a photo to prove it! A presentation of the Just For Laughs Gags. The funny hidden camera pranks show for the whole family.
5 04, 2011

Jason McElwain Autistic Basketball Player

April 5th, 2011|Videos, Viral Video of the Day|

Autistic basketball player Jason McElwain has the game of his life.
5 04, 2011

Facebook Passes 250 Million Mobile Users Mark!

April 5th, 2011|Articles, News, Press Releases, Social Media, Social Media News|

The Facebook team does it again.  They have started a major upgrade to their mobile version. There’s really no denying that Mark Zuckerberg , the CEO of Facebook is pretty good at what he does. Mobile usage will continue to boom over the next year so it’s important to make the Facebook user experience as engaging as ever. This is the kind of stuff that makes Facebook so successful. Zuckerberg has an uncanny ability to stay one step ahead of the game in the Social Networking world.