24 05, 2011

Why to Hire a Social Media “Expert”

May 24th, 2011|Articles, Resource Centre, Social Media, Social Media|

Too many people have been burned out by so-called Social Media "experts," where all they do are the most basic Facebook and Twitter activities, sign up onto many social media sites, once in a while update statuses and try to friend/follow everyone on the planet, and hope for the best. What's worse is they command a truckload of money for providing a potentially revenue-generating service that they don't "get."
19 05, 2011

LinkedIn Has Gone Public

May 19th, 2011|News, Social Media, Social Media News|

The big players of the social networking sites are bigger than they’ve ever been and continuing to grow. Today LinkedIn went public, the first social networking site to do so. "LinkedIn opened at $83 on the New York Stock Exchange, up 84% from its initial public offering price of $45. It was recently changing hands at $85.99 a share, up 91%, valuing the company at more than 8 billion."
17 05, 2011

Royal Wedding Spoofs – Best Royal Wedding Video Around

May 17th, 2011|Videos, Viral Video of the Day|

This T-Mobile spoof of the recent Royal wedding in England is very funny. 22 million hits can't be wrong!
17 05, 2011

Social Media Changes Lives – We have a Facebook Baby in Israel, Her Name is Like

May 17th, 2011|News, Social Media, Social Media News|

In an effort to show the world how modern they are, an Israeli couple recently named their baby "Like," after the popular Facebook feature, the Israeli newspaper Maariv reported on Monday. "We named her Like because it's modern and innovative," father Lior Adler told the mass-circulation paper. "I checked that the name does not exist elsewhere in the country, that was the main condition for me," he said.
6 05, 2011

Business Photos from Google

May 6th, 2011|News, Search Engine Optimization|

Marissa Mayer, Google VP of Location and Local Services sat down with Jason Kincaid from TechCrunch after her keynote talk at Social Loco Conference in San Francisco to discuss The Two Pillars of Google’s Local Strategy. What she announced at the conference is, Google Business Photos which are essentially “Street View” for business interiors. A few months ago Google partnered with a group of seventeen museums’ and had their professional photographers shoot the rooms to have a panoramic view of what it was like to be inside the museum.