27 07, 2011

7 Important Rules for an SEO company

July 27th, 2011|7 Important Rules for an SEO Company, Articles, Search Engine Optimization|

As an SEO company in Toronto we felt it was important to write this article on seven important rules for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) implementation. We are presenting these rules as a series of articles. Each article will focus on one important SEO rule.
8 07, 2011

Facebook Competing with Google Plus (+) by Partnering with Video Conferencing Giant Skype

July 8th, 2011|Internet Marketing - General, News, Social Media, Social Media News|

Skype CEO Tony Bates listens Wednesday as Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg describes his site's new video chat feature It's official: Facebook is competing with Google Plus (+) by partnering with Skype, the video conferencing giant. In an announcement on July 6th, CNN Tech reported that Mark Zuckerberg announced in a Palo Alto, CA conference that Facebook will add a video chat feature powered by Skype.
7 07, 2011

Groupon, Daily Deal Sites and Legal Considerations

July 7th, 2011|Articles, Groupon Industry, Internet Marketing - General, News|

On June 15, 201, Rocky Agrawal, a Social Media expert who writes for TechCrunch and is reviewing the Daily deal industry wrote an article on the legal challenges facing Groupon, Living Social and other Daily Deal sites. Agrawal states that Groupon and Living Social may be violating several key aspects of consumer protection law. Because this is a relatively new industry in some cases the specific legal handling is unclear, however in others the law is clear cut.
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