27 03, 2012

Social Media Marketing – Why it is So Important to be Active

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Social Media Marketing has brought competition to the virtual arena. Nowadays, the world speaks loudly about Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Youtube, and many other Social Media websites or channels.
As a former student I was looking for a part-time job to earn some cash. One company contacted me and I ended up looking for a company’s website. It had a poor layout and barely had sufficient information. I Google it, searched on LinkedIn and Facebook and failed to find anything that would help me to understand the company’s business.

27 03, 2012

Facebook Faces More Privacy Issues

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With the rising problem of complaints received by Facebook regarding nosy employers asking for passwords to review employees' personal profiles and, as a result, break into an employee's private life, Facebook unquestionably has a lot on its plate. However, it wasn't the only Facebook's privacy issue which was addressed last week.
Facebook had to deal with another flaw, but this time, in its privacy settings which allowed users to stalk profiles and upset Facebook users.