29 05, 2012

3 Google AdWords Features We Need to Know About

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Recently Google came out with some new changes that it has made to their Adwords platform. These changes are worth noting.

1. Ad rotation changes:

The “rotate evenly” ad rotation setting will function differently than in the past. Google will now only rotate ads evenly for a period of 30 days instead of rotating ads indefinitely. After 30 days it will default to the “optimize for clicks” setting. Each new ad will begin a 30-day period.
29 05, 2012

Good Chemistry – Viral Video

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This is a video project assigned to Eli by his 10th grade chemistry teacher. "Good Chemistry" explains a basic knowledge of chemical bonds through a love story of a boy and girl. He used construction paper to create the animation scenes. Song, vocal and film by Eli Cirino.
Eli Cirino reportedly received an A+ on his project for this video.
He certainly gets points for originality!

22 05, 2012

New Facebook Coupon Feature for Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

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If your company uses Social Media as part of its marketing mix and runs a "local business" page on Facebook, we have great news for you. Facebook has recently rolled out its new "Facebook Offers" feature for business pages, which enables companies to create coupons on Facebook for free and share on their timeline. This is a great opportunity for businesses, in particular, for small local companies to drive their sales and engage their customers through Social Media Channels.

17 05, 2012

Social Media Continues to Be “a Very Effective Tool for Engaging with Its Customers,” says GM

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Hold your breath! Facebook has set a planned date for its initial public offering on May 18. However, just days before this major milestone, General Motors announced to pull in paid ads from Facebook saying that its paid ads have little impact on sales.
GM will continue to promote all of its products and brands on Facebook and engage with its customers adding that Social Media is an important and powerful tool. GM is planning to expand its Facebook presence but for free through the development of a strong content strategy.
"Just wanted to let our millions of Facebook fans know, we're still here, and we 'like' you back! We may not be advertising on Facebook at the moment but we'll still be talking with you all daily. If anything, we will be providing more content across our many GM Facebook pages - including Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac - to keep the dialogue going" GM have posted today on its Facebook page.

1 05, 2012

SEO and Link Building Tools for Your Business in Toronto and the GTA

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How to Build LinksWriting and submitting a professional article that provides SEO optimized content is important, although creating quality backlinks to websites is what actually makes a difference. Link building is the most important factor of any SEO campaign which determines whether or not a website will rank on the search engines. Finding websites that your competitors haven’t linked yet, analyzing how your competitors get ranking for certain keywords, reaching authoritative websites… link building is one of the most tedious and exhausting processes in SEO.