21 06, 2012

Where the Hell is Matt? 2012

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Matt Harding is someone who has travelled the world multiple times, making souvenir videos which he posted and has been seen by everyone. The latest 2012 video was just uploaded onto YouTube and already has over 300,000 views.

The best part is in the end, where he dances with his girlfriend in Seattle and presumably her child. They never danced together in a "Where the Hell is Matt?" video before.

19 06, 2012

Microsoft Unveils the Surface PC

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Seen Microsoft's latest PC lately? The new Microsoft "Surface" PC, launched yesterday in Hollywood, is a tablet/laptop all in one. It starts out as a tablet, but contains a snap-on laptop base. There is a built-in stand, and looks to provide the laptop experience along with the flexibility of a tablet. It's clear: Microsoft is going after Apple's iPad in terms of market share.

Being built by Microsoft, it certainly will have many more features. For one, since Microsoft works hand-in-hand with Facebook, look for direct integration with Facebook and Skype. Also, Microsoft historically supports Flash, so look for support of Flash videos and animations.

12 06, 2012

Recycling Computers in Toronto and the GTA

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Shift RecyclingHave you ever heard about recycling computers? Recycling computers is becoming more common for environmental and economic reasons. The fact is that there are a lot of computers that are not being used and just sitting and piling dust in companies and homes. Recycling computers usually require one to pay for discarding the old computers and the bottom line is they just take up space by keeping them around. Why not consider just recycling your computers and make your life easier at no extra cost? This is what we propose at Shift Recycling. In Canada, it is said that approximately 26 million tons of waste are simply thrown away without recycling. There is also the added benefit that recycling computers brings to the environment.

11 06, 2012

Physical Buttons Will Make a Comeback and Appear on Your Flat Touchscreen

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The latest development of Tactus Technology has taken the touchscreen technology to the next level. New tactile user interface that makes buttons rise-up and recede from the surface on demand will lead to the next generation real life experience.

Tactus Technology is a venture innovation technology company founded in 2008. Since its inception, Tactus has been improving a patent-pending tactile user interface technology while searching for a variety of fields where the innovative solution can be applied;From mobile devices to gaming consoles and automotive industries, it can be integrated into any device providing  users with  dynamic physical buttons that appear on the screen.

11 06, 2012

Let SHIFT Recycling Pick Up and Recycle Your Electronics in Toronto, Mississauga and the GTA

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Shift RecyclingDo you have old or unwanted electronics that you want to discard? If you do not need them anymore, why not be environmentally friendly and recycle your electronics? Do you know where you can actually recycle your electronics in Toronto and the GTA? At SHIFT Recycling we pick up old electronics from both large corporations and small businesses or households. We launched our company in 2010, recycling electronics in Toronto and the GTA, because we felt there was a lack of information and knowledge on how you could conveniently recycle electronics. This is our specialty; SHIFT Recycling will facilitate and pick up your end-of-life computers, cell phones and electronics.

SHIFT Recycling offers a free pick-up service depending on your location and the quantity of electronics you want to recycle. In addition, a rebate is offered depending on the quality of the electronics you want to recycle. Have no fear; our company policy is to destroy all of the data in your laptops, PC computers and cell phones. Moreover, SHIFT Recycling will provide you with a Diversion Report, which will outline the environmental influence of the recycling that you have been responsible for.

5 06, 2012

Pinterest Clone Scripts Reviews: We Build Them

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PinterestPinterest is one of the hottest social neworking sites today. Some people are looking to create their own niche Pinterest sites as there's marketing value to keeping everything under one theme.
It makes perfect marketing sense: If you attract a large user base you can market "likeable" material.
Here are some Pinterest clone script reviews that might lead you into the right direction in terms of what to purchase.

1 06, 2012

Mobile Revolution: The BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Movement

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If you use your personal smartphone, tablet or other mobile device to access company resources for work, then you have joined the fast-growing Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement.. More and more employees are pushing their employers for permission to bring their own device to the office, increasing their productivity and mobility. In particular, small and medium sized businesses  that normally have to deal with limited resources show a strong BYOD trend. These companies are embracing cloud technology, which opens up broad opportunities to manage daily routines. This helps in various areas such as data sharing, storage and communication to accounting and invoicing.
As an SEO company immersed in the internet marketing industry there are many advantages to the BYOD movement.