27 09, 2012

Canadian Dance Moves

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With an array of ridiculous stereotypical-Canadian dance moves, this video has gotten over 120,000 views since its launch six days ago. Go Canucks!

10 09, 2012

GoDaddy Down: Every GoDaddy Website (Over 5 Million) Taken Offline by Malicious Hacker – Major Outage

By |2012-09-10T16:40:28-04:00September 10th, 2012|

Earlier this afternoon almost everyone everywhere began to notice their email service not working, then a variety of websites not loading. You guessed it - GoDaddy was shockingly down, and with it, likely well over 5 million websites, most of them small-business, with it.
A Twitter user immediately took credit for attacking GoDaddy's infrastructure. This incident is better known as a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack. What that means in plain English is that an attack, caused by someone or something, to a computer server prevents "servicing" a request, whether it's to get email, access a website, or more.
This shocker if anything reveals a surprising truth: that anyone can get hacked, no matter the company size.