20 03, 2013

Google Reader Will Shut Down on July 1, 2013

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google-reader-not-available It's official: Google will be closing down their flagship reader, Google Reader, will permanently close down. Google made this controversial decision angering many loyal users to the platform. What's more, the "Learn More" link doesn't explain why the decision was made, but rather what to do before they shut down the service.

11 03, 2013

Man Dressed as Plant Pranks Passersby

By |2013-03-11T16:48:50-04:00March 11th, 2013|

Nothing is scarier than when plants come to life and attack you (cuing Little Shop of Horrorssoundtrack).
Ryan Lewis learned this firsthand by donning a bush costume and plopping himself down in the middle of a busy outdoor plaza. Then he got to work, lunging at anyone who crossed his path.
This video is very funny and worth a watch!

4 03, 2013

Google Employee Makes Insanely Catchy Rap Video About Googleplex

By |2013-03-04T15:57:14-05:00March 4th, 2013|

Andrew Fink, a self-described hip hop artist and Google employee, released a rap video Monday called "Welcome to Google" that may just go down as having the catchiest chorus ever written with the word "Googleplex."

Welcome to google, this is the googleplex/ The home of where the futures kept/ Welcome to google, this is the googleplex/ Theres no telling what were doing next.