31 05, 2013

How Word Of Mouth Marketing Can Help Accelerate Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

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twitter-shoutboxTraditional marketing mediums including TV , radio and print advertising are being replaced by digital marketing . While both traditional marketing and online advertising strategy work well to draw people’s attention, word of mouth which now includes social media is a huge way to increase brand awareness and grow the audience . When online users find interesting, entertaining or useful information, they  share it on their social media profiles. This is one of the reasons why a company should build a strong online presence through a social media marketing strategy.

31 05, 2013

Social Media Consumer Behaviour and Statistics in the Canadian Market

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Social-Media-MarketingWhen you see someone taking funny pictures and sharing them with friends on Instagram, Facebook or another social media channel, it does not matter if these pictures are “liked” or “disliked”, if you agree or disagree or if you would do the same. People are different, but they all have the same basic needs.
People need to buy food, furniture, and clothing; people need to be active and they need to have fun.  People “need” to practice sports to have fun and you can use these “needs” to your advantage. You can learn about their behavior and offer them their products of choice by implementing an effective Social Media marketing campaign or even a full Digital Marketing strategy.

30 05, 2013

SEO vs. SEM: Building a Competitive Online Marketing Strategy with Organic and Paid Listings

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seo-ppc-scaleIt can be difficult for businesses to find the right online marketing strategy which will bring a website to the top of search results and generate leads. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) are two major strategies to approach in order to drive traffic to a website. Both SEO and SEM work highly effective while proper SEO increases the likelihood of a website to appear on the first page of search results by a specific keyword or phrase, SEM is focused on purchasing advertising space on social media sites and search engines including Google. On the other hand, these strategies have downsides. In the case of SEO, it has a limit to control the sites appearing in search engine results.

30 05, 2013

Why You Need a Digital Marketing Agency

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internet-advertisingNowadays, it is essential for every business to build an online image. You can either choose to do it alone, or you can contract a digital marketing agency. At first you may think it’s better to do it alone because of the cost savings.   It may be very appealing to spend nothing more than your time trying your hand at SEO, social media, email marketing etc. However, depending on the kind of business you have, you may be better off working with a digital marketing agency for your campaigns. Here are 5 reasons why it is beneficial to work with an agency:

30 05, 2013

Our SEO Services Division Can Develop a Winning SEO Strategy for Your Business

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web-seoFar from what most people believe, an SEO strategy is more than finding a group of target keyword niches. An SEO strategy, or search engine optimization strategy, is a plan that creates an opportunity to gain an edge on competitors.   A successful SEO strategy must be customized using the priorities and needs of a website as the starting point.
In addition, building an SEO strategy is also highly recommended where there is a need for improving brand positioning in the marketplace, given that this can increase exposure and a customer’s perception of specific products or services.

30 05, 2013

How Important Is It To Be First On Google’s Search Results?

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seo page 1 its what we doAs of this year, there are over 2 million .ca domain names registered and countless websites appearing online globally. Most internet users searching for anything online turn to Google to help them find the websites they are looking for from the endless possibilities that exist. Here are a few statistics to show why it’s important to be first on Google.

30 05, 2013

How A Social Media Marketing Strategy Helps Your Business To Be First On Google

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twitter-shoutboxWhen customers want to learn more about a brand, they are more likely to search it on Google or other search engines. Therefore, it is important to be first on Google. Your website, Facebook business profile, and other web properties your company may run will help grow your customer base. People follow brands on Facebook in order to get access to product discounts and special deals, news and customer support. However, a recent study on social media marketing strategy showed that brands should be looking for prospective customers not only on Facebook, but also consider other social media channels.

29 05, 2013

You Got Served: Internet Law Has Undergone a New Change with BC Court Allowing Brian Burke to Sue Bloggers Online

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Image courtesy of http://internetlaw.uslegal.com/ In an unprecedented move by a B.C. Court, ex-Maple Leafs General Manager Brian Burke is now allowed to sue people online.
Brian Burke has recently gone on a rampage and now has 18 people on his "hit list," twenty-year-old Zack Bradley being numero uno on that list. In order to sue people with anonymous profiles, this permission needed to be granted as traditionally, in order to be served with a lawsuit someone had to physically present a piece of paper to that person. However, without a physical address this was previously physically impossible to do.

29 05, 2013

Can’t Wait to Meet you Neighbour

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We have lately been hearing this song a lot over the last few months since Target stores opened in Canada. There was the initial shock among us old enough to remember the iconic song used by Mr. Rogers' Neighbourhood for many years.

28 05, 2013

Get the Maximum Benefit from Using both an SEO Strategy And Paid Search (PPC)

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seo-ppc-scaleSeeking to get higher visibility for their online properties, companies can implement different strategies and develop internet marketing campaigns based on their own specific set of priorities. Basically, there are two strategies associated with search engine marketing that are capable of increasing a website’s exposure and create more opportunities for a business.
One is to highlight search engine optimization (SEO) by focusing on content, tags and links, while the second option is to pay for ads (sponsored links) on search engines. Both can produce good results, but organic listings can grab people’s attention in a more efficient way since 85% of all links displayed on Google SERPS (search engine results page) are organic.