30 07, 2013

Nobody in Boston Wants Free Money

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In this video someone actually tried to give away free dollar bills to people. Not one person would accept it! At 1.3 million views, this is our viral video of the day.

29 07, 2013

Book Review: No Bullshit Social Media

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"Social media marketing” has become a "buzz term” in the advertising industry over the last few years. However, as soon as you ask anyone to provide a coherent definition and/or plan they run for cover. This is why I felt the book "No Bullshit Social Media” was valuable and a great read. This book published in late 2012 explains how companies can benefit from social media channels and blogging as well as provides helpful guidelines with best practices of DO's and DON'Ts in the social media marketing world. Through a great combination of real life case studies and handy tips, the book demonstrates that social media marketing shouldn't be treated as a traditional marketing tool, but rather should be used to build communities of loyal brand advocates and create strong customer-company relationships. The following are important points covered in the book.

24 07, 2013

A Report on Mobile Local Search Shows You How to Commence an Efficient Mobile Marketing Campaign as a Part of Your Online Marketing Strategy

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mobile marketingMore and more companies are becoming aware of the importance of mobile marketing in their online marketing strategy. Experts are saying that local search will be performed with mobile devices more than with desktops by 2015. Accordingly, it is important to know how people are using their mobile devices to create a good strategy for commencing an efficient mobile marketing campaign. According to a survey based on people in Toronto, Canada, they are most likely to search with their mobile phone for shopping, and then food and beverage come next. The least likely category to be searched using a mobile phone is travel and lodging, followed by home and garden. Desktops seem to be more suitable for now to look for information about the latter categories.

24 07, 2013

A Recent Survey Shows the Importance of Being First on Google with Search Engine Optimization

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seo page 1 its what we doPeople barely go beyond the third search engine result page when they are searching for information on Google.  According to a recent survey, websites ranked in the top ten of a Google search result page obtain as much as 91.5% of the search traffic for a keyword or term. Then 4.8% for page 2, 1.1% for page 3. This is why almost all of companies that own their own website are keen about being first on Google. The bottom line is that there are dozens of websites similar to yours and it is highly competitive to be first on Google. What this report demonstrates is that the higher a website ranks on Google, the more web traffic the website will receive. For example, the first position on any Google search result page always gains more web traffic than the second one on the same page. You may think that a website with the first position on a second page can receive more traffic than one ranked last on the first page, but this line of reasoning is completely wrong according to this report. Regardless of which page a website is on, the higher rank it is on, the more web traffic it gets.

12 07, 2013

A Digital Media Agency in a Social Media World with the likes of Google, YouTube and America’s Got Talent

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main_imageOne of the most interesting things about Search Engine Optimization is how “real” SEO works. How it organically flows into one thing and turns up somewhere else. On July 2, 2013 in Toronto, Canada a valuable member of the iRISEmedia team posted a video on our website. We are a digital media agency; this is what we do. We offer many digital media solutions for businesses/websites worldwide.