30 08, 2013

Book Review: 5 Lessons You Can Learn From “Likeable Social Media”

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likeable social media book reviewSupported by fascinating social media success stories and failures, "Likeable Social Media" is highly engaging and gives many practical social media marketing tips. Published in 2011, "Likeable Social Media" is still considered one of the top books on social media marketing. The top five lessons to take away from the book...

15 08, 2013

Digital Media About to Pass T.V. Viewers, Says eMarketer

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icon_facebook1According to the Toronto Sun, eMarketer has claimed that digital media is about to pass TV viewing this year, marking the first time ever that this has happened. This makes sense considering the number of people with smartphones checking their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIN accounts daily. Jennifer Saba of Reuters cited Facebook's claim that "one out of three people in the United States - more than 128 million - visit Facebook every day, and about 24 million in the United Kingdom do the same."

14 08, 2013

The Latest Facebook News Feed Algorithm Updates Enable Your Social Media Marketing Campaigns to Reach A Greater Number of Audience

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icon_facebook1For companies implementing a social media marketing campaign as a part of their digital media marketing strategy it cannot be overlooked that Facebook has made some new algorithm changes. The changes specifically relate to the Facebook Newsfeed.  There are potentially more or less 1500 posts on the Facebook Newsfeed to be seen at any given time when someone visits there. It is obviously impossible to go through all of these posts. What Facebook does here is pick up posts you would seem to be interested in (based on the previous data they already have on you) so that they can keep you engaged on Facebook.

13 08, 2013

5 Social Media Policy Tips From the Pros

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policy-signsWhen a company develops a social media strategy, social media policy isn't the first thing that comes to mind. However, there are many reasons why it should be. As a manager, you should ensure that a social media policy or guidelines are established before the execution of a social media marketing plan. Social media policy will create a clear outline of how you expect employees to behave on social media sites as well as set constructive boundaries for online users.

12 08, 2013

Is Social Media the New Search in Toronto? Yes, it is

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Google_SEOI'm going to state the obvious: Penguin has completely changed, and in some cases destroyed, the way we formerly knew SEO. Multi-billion dollar companies have lost business due to Google's Penguin Algorithm update doing a "reset" on search results by eliminating backlinks that Google "considers" spammy. Keep in mind that what Google now considers spammy is not necessarily what we would consider spammy, and as a result getting a good-quality "doFollow" backlink has in all honesty become darn near impossible to get.

7 08, 2013

8 SEO Tips for 2013 from Google’s Matt Cutts – Part 2

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Image representing Matt Cutts as depicted in C... The latest SEO tips from Google’s Matt Cutts suggest how to improve your online marketing strategy. iRISEmedia services in Toronto, Ontario and across Canada. This is Part 2 in a two part series with the last 4 out of 8 SEO tips for 2013 directly from Google’s Matt Cutts.

6 08, 2013

8 SEO Tips for 2013 from Google’s Matt Cutts Part 1

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Google SEO specialist, Matt Cutts Google SEO specialist, Matt Cutts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)[/caption] This is Part 1 in a two part series with the first 4 out of 8 SEO tips for 2013 directly from Google’s Matt Cutts. Matt Cutts, one of only a few people who know exactly "what is going on" in Google, has recently disclosed some exclusive SEO tips for webmasters at an expo in Seattle.