31 10, 2013

The Simple Link Building Technique Most SEOs Get Wrong

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redlinkoriginalWe found this article to be an eye-opener and therefore decided to re-post with credit. -iRISEmedia Staff The more ways you can generate quality inbound links to your site, the better. Google has raised the bar and we all need to get the most from the link building work we do. ‘Broken Link Building’ is a white-hat technique that can really be done at scale. Yet it is a technique that is misunderstood and therefore many SEOs are not getting the results they could.

31 10, 2013

“Niantic Project” – Google’s New Mysterious Project

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niantic-projectRecently Google announced its "Niantic Project," a mysterious project that they are keeping secret and we have no details about. We don’t know how long Google will keep its mysterious project secret, but we do know it’s sitting on a barge in San Francisco Bay. We also know that Google is requiring U.S. government officials to sign confidentiality agreements.

29 10, 2013

Virgin America Safety Video

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Virgin America recently went all-out and launched a safety video today that has gone viral. They hired dance stars to appeal to a younger audience in order that they behave properly.

21 10, 2013

Funny and Classic Doritos Super Bowl Video

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In this hilarious video, a man tried to bait a mouse with a mousetrap containing a piece of a Doritos cheese chip. Meanwhile, this person is eating the rest of the Doritos chips watching the mousehole, stuffing a few at a time in his mouth. Suddenly, a giant mouse (rather, a guy in a mouse suit) jumps out and beats the guy senseless. This video has gotten over 362,000 views and demonstrates how a very funny video can easily become viral when people "want" to share it.

17 10, 2013

iPhone…Look Out! The New And Powerful Vivo Smartphone

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China's Vivo smartphone manufacturer will be rolling out to the market its new Xplay3S device that will feature a 2560 x 1440 resolution. The company has not yet announced the dimensions of the device but it is expected to be the 5.5-inch Quad HD display.

14 10, 2013

A Budwiser Super Bowl Ad

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This Budweiser commercial shows how loyal horses can be. What it has to do with Budweiser is anyone's guess. This video has gotten over 53,000 views and demonstrates how a video telling a good story can easily become viral when people "want" to share it.

10 10, 2013

Best Commercial from Heineken

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This video has gotten over 13.5 million views and demonstrates how a very funny video can easily become viral when people "want" to share it.

7 10, 2013

Brief Overview on Moz’s Taking Advantage of Google’s Bias Toward Hyper-Fresh Content

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Every Friday, Moz.com comes out with fresh material for "Whiteboard Friday." The latest one to come out was particularly interesting. Rand Fishkin pointed out something both helpful and disturbing about Google: that Google ranks fresher content over older content that may be more valuable. In short, here are some highlights from the talk: Google is

2 10, 2013

Google’s Newest Search Algorithm Update: Hummingbird

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google_hummingbirdOn September 26th, Google celebrated their 15 year existence by coming out with a search engine algorithm update nicknamed Hummingbird, launched on August 20th. This algorithm is meant to further speed up search results and indexing faster. As Google put it, the name come from being "precise and fast."