28 01, 2014

Facebook’s Big Algorithm Update: How To Optimise Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

January 28th, 2014|Facebook, News, Social Media, Social Media News|

The most recent Facebook update announced on January 21, 2014 will likely change the way businesses and brands use Facebook for social media marketing. In this blog post, we will explain why.
22 01, 2014

When Ellen Met Elias

January 22nd, 2014|Videos, Viral Video of the Day|

Elias is a 7-year-old piano prodigy, but what he brought when he met Ellen was a lot more than just musical skill. This might be one of the most memorable guests in history.
9 01, 2014

Students Risk Suspension by Sending ‘Mean Tweets’ to School Board – Global News

January 9th, 2014|Videos, Viral Video of the Day|

Our Director of Social Media Dar Refaeli appears on Global in this news story on inappropriate tweets sent by students to the Peel school board for not getting a snow day.