9 05, 2014

4 Ways to Invigorate Disengaged Staff – Reputation Management

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staff disengagement The longer employees stay with the company, the less likely they will be engaged with what they do. A recent study done by Bain & Company, a global reputation management company, came to this conclusion after surveying 200,000 employees in 60 countries.  They determined that the lowest levels of engagement are found among front line staff, employees who have the greatest interaction with your clients. Maintaining your status as a proactive company is not an easy task. The job entails pre-empting any possible problems and addressing them promptly, so that they will have little or no effect on you or your operational costs. But in order to do that, Digital Marketing experts advise employers to empower their employees with the requisite skills and the knowledge they need to properly identify areas of concern before they become urgent matters.

8 05, 2014

The Importance of Permission Marketing in Online Advertising

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Permission Marketing (PM) is a sales marketing approach that was popularized by Seth Godin, the former VP of Direct Marketing at Yahoo Inc. A good example of permission marketing is internet users who sign up in advance to receive information about certain services or products they are interested in learning more about. It is not

8 05, 2014

Amazon Takes Its Online Business Social

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amazon-logoAmazon is excelling in the fast-growing field of eCommerce. It unveiled a new social media strategy this week that will allow users to add items to their shopping basket by mentioning #AmazonCart in their tweet. The process is simple! All user have to do is link their Twitter accounts with their Amazon account and respond to a product link tweet bearing the hashtag #AmazonCart. Once this is done, they can proceed to checkout and make payment for the items selected. The tweets only add items to the Amazon Cart and isn't a confirmation for purchase.