26 11, 2014

Reactions to Jian Ghomeshi Arrest & Bill Cosby Allegations Differ Greatly Across Social Media

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Today, Jian Ghomeshi was arrested on four counts of sexual assault and one count of overcoming resistance –choking. He pled non-guilty at his arraignment this afternoon. As well, CBC released a statement this morning stating that Ghomeshi withdrew his case against them. Ghomeshi’s arrest was no surprise to anyone. The reaction on Twitter, however, was

25 11, 2014

Bill Cosby Sex Scandal Explodes on Social Media Channels

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If there is one thing the Internet has done, it has made it both incredibly easy to lie online and also exceedingly difficult to keep things under wraps. Social media and traditional media outlets have exploded, each day citing a new alleged victim of Cosby’s abuse.  Victims have been given the floor with every major

24 11, 2014

Couple’s Mortifying Wedding Ceremony Shows Just How Easy It Is To Lie Online

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Casey and Jessica O’Donnell after three months of marriage have realized they may not be actually married. Sounds like the premise of a romantic comedy right? Their story quite honestly, conveys a lack of Internet literacy surprising for their age group (late twenties). The Northern Ontario couple, who claimed they were in a rush to

23 11, 2014

What Makes You a Good Project Manager?

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Good project managers are hard to find, and great project managers are much rarer. Why is it rare to find a great project manager? In the majority of cases, rating one’s effectiveness is very subjective. How can you quantify certain traits, whether they be personal or professional? What baseline do you use as reference and

22 11, 2014

Global Warming: The Cause of Crazy Winters

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Hundreds of millions of people in North America and Europe battle snow and ice storm year after year, wondering why they are being punished with bitter cold, especially when spring arrives and the weather forecasts are in the minuses. You probably remember the 2013 Ice Storm that hit central and eastern parts of Canada as well

21 11, 2014

Patriots Celebrate 1 Million Twitter Followers By Offending Everybody

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The twittersverse is a place in which mistakes are frequently and hilariously made, largely on the part of huge corporations who just don’t pay attention, which makes it even more awesome. Last weeks, New England Patriots’ social media campaign reached a 1 million follower milestone on their twitter feed when they tweeted a digital Patriots

19 11, 2014

Why We Really Have International Men’s Day

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November 19, 2014 happens to be International Men’s Day. According to the organization’s website, International Men’s Day is, “…an occasion for men to celebrate their achievements and contributions, in particular their contributions to community, family, marriage, and child care while highlighting the discrimination against them.” International Men’s Day is not the same thing as International Women’s Day.