most anticipated tv shows on social media
From the Walking Dead to the House of Cards, TV Shows are extremely popular across the globe with a wide variety of TV Shows available online through video streaming services like Netflix, Shomi and Crave TV. Let’s have a look at the most anticipated TV Shows garnering the most buzz on social media.

Social Media: Winners and Runners Up

People often use social media to express their emotions regarding their favourite TV Shows. The number of followers, engagements and mentions can tell a lot about their popularity. TV Shows including Suits, House of Cards, Arrow and Orange is the New Black have high ratings on IMDb with approximately 300K to 700K followers on Twitter. But two shows top the social media chart and stand out: The Walking Dead (3.3m Twitter followers) and Game of Thrones (2.24m Twitter followers).

AMC’s The Walking Dead is using online and social media marketing to create awareness about the upcoming season to help increase their fan base. Game of Thrones also increased the number of followers and mentions when the fourth season of the TV Show started last year. The same trend is expected to happen this year. Both shows are trending on social media and the number of mentions and followers peak when the shows are aired. According to Socialbakers, although AMC is posting and tweeting almost twice as many posts on social media as HBO, the mentions are even.

The Most Anticipated TV Shows in 2015

Interestingly, the following are some interesting facts about the new TV Shows. The Flash and Gotham are the most popular 2015 TV Shows trending on Social Media. They are the most liked and talked about according to Viral Heat. Moreover, both the Flash and Gotham are in the top 10 TV shows on IMDb.

The Better Calls Saul, a comedy-drama TV series about a lawyer before his appearance on Breaking Bad, is also getting a lot of attention on social media with over 119K followers on Twitter. More interestingly, even though AMC released the final season of Breaking Bad in 2013, it still has 1.11m followers on Twitter. This gives the Breaking Bad fans hope that the company will be releasing a new season of the hit drama.

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