29 09, 2017

How the Twitter Famous Chrissy Teigen Uses her Platform to Build her Brand and Sell her Cookbook

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Celebrities, they’re just like us! They tweet about their first world problems and use the internet as a first resort when in the market for something. The only difference, is when a celebrity has a problem, the entire world is willing to do anything to help them. On September 21, model Chrissy Teigen tweeted out

15 09, 2017

7 Best Free Social Media Marketing Tools – 2017

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Do you feel stressed when you think about how you will monitor and create content and connect with followers and fans on multiple social media accounts? How can you keep up with your Twitter account when you have not even checked Facebook or Instagram for the day? Even the biggest social media marketing influencers know that without the

13 09, 2017

Apple introduces US$1000 iPhone X & other innovations during its latest Keynote.

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Apple greatly contributed to some of the innovations and technology we use today. The iconic iPhone, introduced exactly 10 years ago, was a true revolution and evolution in the world of smartphones. Nowadays, many people walk around with an iPhone in their hand. Apple is ahead of the game, and even though their products are

7 09, 2017

Social Media Storm: How Social Media Helped the Hurricane Harvey Victims Survive

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The power of social media has been demonstrated once again with the most recent natural disaster taking place in Houston, Texas. By now, we have all heard about Hurricane Harvey and the devastation it left behind. In times of uncertainty and desperation, tons of victims decided to turn to social media for a chance to