25 04, 2018

Getting Started with Alexa Flash Briefings for Your Digital Marketing

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According to Google Data, one-fifth of all search queries in the United States in 2016 were made by voice control. Thanks to affordable cloud-based voice service devices like Amazon Alexa, this trend will only increase. Therefore, a future in which all you need to do in your smart home is speak out loud to obtain

16 04, 2018

How Effective Blog Writing will Improve your Google Rankings | SEO

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A blog can be a great way to build your online reputation. You can easily use blog writing as part of your for search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. The important thing is to know the topic you are writing about very well. The effectiveness of your blog is directly related to the credibility of the

11 04, 2018

The 4 Most Secure Mobile Messaging Apps Available in 2018

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Phone calls and emails are dead for the next generation of digital media users. Social media and mobile messaging completely dominate how the millennial generation and generation Z communicate with others today. More than 1.4 billion people used mobile messaging apps in 2016 (source: eMarketer), an increase of nearly 15% from 2015. By 2021, digital

4 04, 2018

4 Simple Strategies for Starting your own Subreddit

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In digital marketing, the focus of content marketing and blogging tends to be on social media channels like Facebook and Twitter, search engines like Bing and Yahoo, and review sites like Yelp. Seldom do I see someone write about Reddit, a social news aggregator that is the 6th most visited website worldwide, and its influences