22 08, 2018

How to Avoid these 5 Fails in Instagram Marketing | Social Media Marketing

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I recently wrote an article on Influencer Marketing and how it changed with the advent of social media. Since then, I have been thinking about who has influenced me the most and motivated me to reach my goals and potential. Today I have had an epiphany. The person who has influenced me the most is

13 08, 2018

5 Tips on Creating a Winning Influencer Marketing Campaign

By |2018-08-13T15:34:33-04:00August 13th, 2018|

Stop wasting time and money on the wrong influencer marketing campaigns! A successful Influencer Marketing campaign should meet the following clear objectives: Discover the most lucrative influencers for your business Advance your brand awareness and get it in front of the right audience more often Drive leads or sales relatively quickly Pick up more brand