4 strategies for blogger outreachThere are over 200 million blogs out there and that means there are plenty of sites for every niche, industry and/or topic; even the most boring ones. We encourage all organizations doing internet marketing to outreach to the ones that pertain to them because link-earning (formerly link-building) is still a very large part of SEO. There is still great value in reaching out to influencers to see if they can blog about your products and services.

Here are 5 strategies you can implement to get the online publicity and public relations your enterprise needs to grow:

Host Blogger Events
Consider hosting an exclusive, on-site, by invite-only, event for bloggers where they can get a first-hand look at what your brand does. If your reach is global, you may want to consider hosting this event on Google+ Hangouts. These events usually result in much stronger ongoing relationships with influencers and add depth and authenticity to the posts they write.

Open Site Explorer + MozBar (paid membership)
Open Site Explorer allows you to spy on the link-earning efforts of your competitors. Simply type in or copy and paste your competitor’s domain name, set the filters and browse away. All relevant results can be easily exported to CSV for personal usage. Once you’ve identified the links you want, use Moz Bar, a browser plugin compatible with Firefox and Chrome, to do a comprehensive link analysis: meta titles, meta descriptions, alt texts etc.

Content Discovery Platforms
Outbrain and Storify are two of the many content discovery platforms public relations firms use for influencer outreach. When you post a snippet of your content, influencers and journalists are free to discover it and share it with their viewers. Outbrain, in particular, is installed on over 35,000 websites serves 150 billion recommendations and 15 billion page views per month.

We have successfully utilized Reddit to boost Content Marketing initiatives for our clients. Big names are known to browse through Reddit looking for good content to curate and they include Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Snoop Dogg and various Huffington Post editors and MSN.com executives.

Before beginning any public relations or content marketing initiatives it is important to:

• Set measurable goals with reasonable due dates.
• Do research about the audience, topics, contact preferences and strengths/weaknesses.
• Build ongoing and long-term rapport with the influencers.
• Develop a message and tailor it to the specific website.
• Follow up and follow through.

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