Online Marketers erroneously believe that Reddit is a social bookmaking site and could be used for link building purposes to help speed up SEO efforts. These practices will more than probably result in you getting banned or filtered by “spam filters” and should be stopped immediately.

As we mentioned in our previous article, A New SEO Era is Upon Us: Know What Changes Need To Be Made, Online Marketing is no longer what it once used to be. Best practices have changed and your strategies should reflect them. There are more ethical ways for you to use Reddit for SEO purposes and they are:

1. Encourage Fan & User Submissions

Reddit like any other social networking site is a two way street. It’s not meant for just shouting out messages to fans, but is rather a place to interact with them. A perfect example is a sub-reddit of the popular car show Top Gear. Top Gear encourages its followers to submit their favorite car pictures on Reddit. Each week the best picture gets featured along with the name of the person who submits it. This gives your fans and followers a sense of ownership in your community and is likely to create brand advocacy.

2. Research Content ideas

Once you find relevant subreddits in your industry or field, scroll through content topics and ideas that tend to do well. Then, imitate and share. In order to save valuable time scrolling up and down through thousands of links, it’s recommended to filter subreddits by “Top” and then by time period. Alternatively, you can use relevant subreddits to find unanswered questions and use those questions to build content on your site. Chances are that the poster searched multiple times on Google for their answer and came out empty handed.

3. Get Keyword Ideas

One of the hardest parts of doing SEO is choosing the right keywords to focus your campaign on. Subreddits on Reddit allow you to monitor consumer discussions about products and problems in an everyday manner. Reading through the discussions will give you some ideas about which golden keywords can be used on your website and blogs that would not have cropped up in any other research.

Suggestion: Copy the links to an extensive comments section and past them into Google Keyword Planner in order to generate keyword ideas.

4. Find Sites for Backlinking

If you’re building a content marketing strategy and seeking blogs that may publish your blocks and provide you with the backlink, you might be able to find them on Reddit. In the sidebar of every subreddit, there is a list of recommended subreddits and often a list of recommended websites you can visit. These sites are often upvoted by the Reddit community and updated on a daily basis.

5. Build Relationships

While great content will generate traffic from Reddit, redditors are not going to rush to your website and buy your stuff unless you have taken the time and effort to form a relationship with them first.

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