Are you looking for ways to improve your company’s online branding? Social media marketing allows brands to develop strong relationships, brand awareness and recognition. Online branding on social media should be the first thing to consider when building an online presence. In this article, we will share 5 excellent tips for creating a powerful online presence through social media.

1. Craft Perfect Posts with Custom Images

As users scroll through their News Feeds and read dozens of status updates from friends and brands they follow, your posts might get lost. Develop a recognizable style that will stand out and use it as a template. Watermarks, fonts and a bold colour scheme are the key visual elements that will help users recognize your brand on social media.

2. Optimize Social Media Channels for Visual Branding

The success of online branding depends on how consistent and creative your brand is on social media. Keep a consistent profile and cover photo design across all social media channels. While you can tweak your logo and play with colour schemes, your followers should be able to identify your brand right away.

3. Find the Right Social Media Channels

Using a consistent name on all social media channels will help fans easily find you. Check if your desired username is available online through Knowem and register on all social media channels you think your company might use in the future. There are hundreds of social media channels. Focus on major sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, SlideShare, Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr.

4. Create a Power Statement Description

Create a catchy and unique description or headline that will best describe your brand, products and services. It should be intriguing, creative and targeted to your audience. Think of a description that will accurately describe your company and identify your areas of expertise.

5. Include Hashtags for More Exposure

Use a hashtag that relates to your brand across social media channels. Hashtags can be used to join a conversation that is trending online, promote your brand or a marketing campaign. Trending hashtags are specific hashtags on a topic that are the most talked about. Trending hashtags change every day and can be different depending on the geo location.

Brand hashtags and campaign hashtags are unique hashtags to promote your brand or a campaign, and usually consist of a company name, or a tagline (e.g. “#JustDoIt”, “#HaveABreak”). Create a short hashtag that is easy to remember and spell for your customers. For the best online branding results, keep brand hashtags consistent across all social media channels.

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