With more than 277 million users, LinkedIn is seen as the most effective Social Media Marketing channel for business professionals and B2B Internet Marketing. Companies see LinkedIn as an effective Social Media Marketing tool to promote services and products as well as raise brand awareness. These 5 LinkedIn Social Media Marketing tips will help your brand grow on this Social Media channel.

#1 Enhance Your Social Media Marketing Through a LinkedIn Company Page

Do you have a customized business page with the company description and custom banner images? You can also take advantage of showcase pages (source: http://business.linkedin.com/marketing-solutions/company-pages/showcase-pages) to spotlight a business unit, specific services or initiative. Under the products tab, you can list services and products, latest e-books and white papers.

Linkedin Showcase page

#2 Optimize Your Page for Easy Search

Include company’s contact information, descriptions of your products and services, and link your page to the website. Google previews up to 150 characters of your company’s description. Therefore, you should add strong industry keywords to the title and company’s description to make it easier to search your company on LinkedIn and Google.

#3 Create and Share Compelling Company Updates

  • Think like a journalist. Grab your reader’s attention with capturing headlines and intros.
  • Always include a call-to-action, clickable links, videos and visually appealing images. Make sure your content delivers value and is easy to share.

#4 Promote Your Brand Through LinkedIn Sponsored Updates

LinkedIn Sponsored Updates will help you raise brand awareness and share relevant content with users who are interested in the industry news. A very effective way to engage professionals is to provide them with blog articles, e-books, webinars, and how-to guides. Sponsored Updates tool lets you target your audience using specific criteria such as location, company size, industry, job function, etc.

#5 Analyze and Review Your LinkedIn Social Media Marketing Campaign

LinkedIn provides an Analytics tool which helps Social Media marketers better understand and engage their audiences. Constantly monitor whether your audience is engaging through likes, clicks, and comments, and if not, refine your strategy.

Bonus LinkedIn Social Media Marketing Tip

Let your team become your brand evangelist. Find quality groups to join; participate and share relevant blog posts from your website to drive traffic and generate leads.

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