Facebook has become much more than just sharing pictures of your pets, playing games like Farmville or sharing the latest gossip about Kim Kardashian. Facebook was launched in 2004. It was designed specifically for college and university students who wanted to connect and share ideas together [Instant Messenger] in an easier way than emailing each other back and forth. As time went on, Facebook started gaining momentum and popularity with both users and business owners alike. Now fast forwarding to the year 2017, Facebook currently has over 1.2 billion active users that login every single day. It seems logical that this sheer volume should be leveraged for your business. Facebook is still the #1 social media channel for marketers since the end of the 2000’s, where Facebook and many big brands realized the potential of advertising on their platform. But, does your social media campaign team truly understand how to use Facebook as a marketing tool effectively. The first step in an effective Facebook marketing campaign is to increase your Facebook fans or “likes”. We’re here to give you 5 simple tips to increase Facebook likes on your page.

Kick-ass Social Media – How to Increase Facebook Likes

To start off, you want to find and understand your competition. How are they using their social media and is it working out for them effectively? Every corporate social media marketing agency works different from one other. Lastly, it’s to increase visibility to potential new customers and brand loyalty, as we stated before there are millions of customers you can reach out to and get their business. Most people who follow brands on social media tend to stick by them. With this key information, you don’t have to pour most of your resources into one bag since your competitors did it already. Don’t reinvent something, try to improve it.

1) Offer sweepstakes and Contests directly on your Facebook Page

Giving something back to your customers is a great way to gain trust and further improve your customer relationship with them. It sends the message that your company is generous and sincerely cares about its customers and it will provide incentive to have people spread the word around. You can collect entries by liking, commenting [tagging their name], and sharing your contest post. This way is easier to collect information and contests winners. Here are simple ways to intrigue your audience to enter a contest:

• An engaging picture that outlines the general principal of the contest
• Make the rules simple and clear in the posts. If they require further explanation, refer them to a page on your website
• Make the contest last for a short period of time. It keeps the audience interested and engaged.

2) Get Familiar with Analytics

Facebook has a feature that’s called Facebook analytics, which is a tool that becomes available when you hit 30 likes on your page. The insight tool allows you to keep track of data to see how well your page is doing and have a better idea about who exactly your customers are:

• Age
• Gender
• Country
• How they got to your page: Website, App, Device, Action Button Clicks

You get to see all the likes, comments and shares on your posts. It’s broken down into tabs that are called Overview, Likes, Reach, Visits, Posts, Video and People. This tool gets more detailed by creating graphics that can see your page’s overall performance over the past year, months, weeks and days. Take advantage of using this feature to better understand the metrics and results of your campaign.

3) Offer Incentives

Offering incentives is another great way to entice your audience to hit that “like “button. An example of an incentive is giving them a unique coupon code that can be used once after them like your page. Using apps like ShortStack or WooBox can help you manage by collecting customer’s information such as coupons email addresses, users etc.

4) Upload Creative Videos

People underestimate the power of a short and simple video. Keep in mind that people don’t normally search for specific content on Facebook. People who are on Facebook are just casually (and mindlessly) scrolling down their news feed. They are only going to stop and watch a video if it interests them. Videos that you want to make should be from 30 seconds to a maximum of 2 minutes, which is the ideal time you required to capture your audience’s attention. We live in an age where you get a maximum of 3-5 seconds to hold your audience’s attention. If you don’t do it fast, they’re going to move on to something else. You need to strike hard and strike fast if you want users to notice your posts in their news feeds. Videos have the HIGHEST engagement rates, so keep that in mind.

5) Add Images to your posts

Using images in your Facebook posts is an effective way to catch the attention of any person that stumbles onto your post. Obviously, images that you use must relate to the post that you created. Adding a random image to your post isn’t helpful to you in anyway; it just diverts the reader’s attention to something else and causes confusion. In addition to your posts, make sure to write posts that are between 100 – 150 characters and that they are clear and concise. No one is going to read a post written like an essay; not in today’s world anyway.

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