All websites investing in PPC Adwords Campaigns should have at least one clear “call to action” on each main landing page. This can be as simple as a single button to click or as complex as a multi-field form to fill out. Call to Actions (CTA) are important to have because they add focus to the web page, make it easy for users to take their search one step further, and encourage users to respond to ads.

Here are 5 things you should be doing to make sure your CTA is effective:


1. Explain the benefits

Make it clear to the web visitor how the click will benefit them. A perfect example is’s home page where they offer users a free local phone number that they can use to call people locally and for people to call them. As well, they offer users the chance to purchase credits to make international calls for cheap.



2. Create a sense of urgency

Creating urgency is another quality your calls-to-action should have. In order to successfully create urgency, you need to answer the question web visitors often ask themselves “Why should I do this today?” You can create urgency in various ways, most notably by emphasizing seasonality, special discounts, or even use adverbs like “now” and “today.” Strong action verbs such as Buy, Call, Subscribe, Register, and Donate, are able to create a sense of urgency without inundating the visitor with excessive, unnecessary information.

schedule an appointment cta



3. Be subtle & personal

Smart and subtle language can also help produce a high click-through rate on your CTA. Web visitors like to think that everything they do comes from some logical, un-manipulateable part of their own thinking or inquiry. At the same time you’re subtle, you should be personal in your message. Although it’s tempting, you should not be adding any jargon or technical words to your landing page of CTA.

For example, many charities use words such as “help” or “support” to get attention and more. The problem with these terms is that they mean different things to different people and cause confusion; why risk leaving your needs open to misinterpretation?


4. Every detail counts

When it comes to creating a valuable CTA, changing even one word in the ad copy can make the difference between a sale and a bounce. This has to do with how people perceive things. Take a look at what other people in your industry are doing, and most importantly, complete A/B Tests.

One of the most common details many people overlook is the size and location of the call to action. Many times the CTA is so hidden and blended in with the text and background that people hardly notice it.

For example, in this Adwords Ad for Rosewood Hotels, their spelling mistake was “3th night free.” Many people would take note of that prior to reaching the website.

detailed ads


5. Don’t overwhelm the visitor with multiple choices

Research shows that when faced with too many choices we mentally shut down and often don’t know what to click on first or which page to view first. It can be hard to decide exactly what we want – and so in the end we do nothing!

For example, there is actually a website called that stresses this point.

multiple choices ads


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