LinkedIn can be a practical tool for any business to grow their network and build brand recognition. As with any other social network, LinkedIn requires inimitable ways to become successful. Our social media marketing agency in Toronto has compiled 5 simple tips that will positively impact your LinkedIn brand presence in 2017.

1. Use your page analytics as feedback on best practices

On LinkedIn you can view different metrics, such as the number of page views you receive, the number of unique visitors and the number of people who have seen your posts and engaged with them. By analyzing this information you can apply it to future LinkedIn branding efforts and provide information that your readers are most interested in.

2. Join industry-relevant LinkedIn groups

LinkedIn enables you to join up to 50 groups, so why not seize the opportunity? LinkedIn Groups is an important part of LinkedIn’s product feature that gives you the ability to produce tons of leads if the proper strategy and follow-through is implemented. An important piece of advice; do not just post your content and leave because that’s counterintuitive. Spend some time going through other peoples’ posts and provide constructive feedback in the comments. Seize the opportunity to connect based on shared interests and goals.
LinkedIn Groups also lets you filter the membership list in order to locate prospects according to certain criteria. After joining a particular group, navigate to the Members page. Then, run a filtered search and build a list of prospects in a matter of seconds by physical locations, company names, specific job titles or other specific criteria you select.

3. Create Powerful Events

Just like you host campaigns and events on Facebook, LinkedIn also allows you to organize powerful events to build your business. It has an Events platform that enables you to target hundreds of prospects free of charge. You can use Events for just about anything; for both virtual and in person occasions, including invitations webinars and conferences you are hosting or speaking at.

4. Engage with other members and connections

Like, share or comment on status updates, published posts or company page updates made by ten of your most important connections. This, too, should only take about ten minutes, and it’s a great way to stay on the radar of your target audience. Engagement on LinkedIn may also include sending an occasional congrats to someone on their award, work anniversary or birthday. It’s simple and virtually effortless but these small “interactions” are valuable.

5. Update your company page regularly

To truly engage your audience, you need to ensure that your brand page is up-to-date. If the information is outdated or lacking, your audience may not be aware of the latest happenings, sales, deals etc. Updating your page keeps your followers in the loop while attracting new followers and potential customers. is a full service digital marketing agency and SEO company, specializing in Social Media and Online Branding. Our team helps clients increase their reach and profitability by developing and implementing customized and targeted online and Social Media Marketing strategies. We are located in Toronto, Ontario and service clients throughout Canada and globally.

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