blog readershipAre your blog visitors able to find the content they are looking for with ease? Do you want to promote your blog post to engaged visitors who are actually interested in reading about your products or services? When you blog to promote your business, it is important to make sure your content gets noticed by the right people. In this blog post, we will explore five ways you can attract new and relevant readers to your onsite blog.

1. Onsite SEO

If you are going to get new visitors to your website, you want to make sure they will be able to find you. And one way they’ll find you is by searching for you on Google and other major search engines. Before you publish a blog post, take the time to have it optimized for SEO by creating a meta title and meta description, checking your content for keywords enrichment, adding alt text for your images, and linking your blog post to other parts of your website and high authority websites.

2. Sharing Content on Relevant Social Media Platforms

The best way to get more people to notice your blog is to post it on your official social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. That way your current fans will start reading your blog and they may also share your news with others in their contacts. Social media content can spread quickly, so it’s crucial that you post your blog content on multiple social media platforms. Timing is as vital. As soon as you have news to share, post it on your social media networks. Today’s news is not yesterday’s news.

It’s also important to keep in mind that you should not be signing up your company blog for every social media site out there. In fact, it is better that you do not involve yourself in those practices. The more accounts you have to manage, the more your time will be split, and the more likely it is you will do a less than satisfactory job across the board. You might want to reserve your brand name to 5 social networking sites or less.

3. Make It Easy to Share Your Content

If you make a task easy, odds are someone will be easily persuaded to complete it from beginning to end. The same applies for blog content. If you want someone to share your news with their network, make it easy for them to do that through social sharing buttons or prewritten emails that your readers can send to their networks.

4. Think of Keyword Rich Titles

We’re all human. We judge books by their covers and we evaluate blog posts by how well their titles are written. Keeping that in mind, it’s imperative that you spend some time polishing up your title. When you start writing your blog post, a working title is okay to use. Get the general topic of the blog post down and then start writing the content. But before you hit the publish button, return to the title and think about how you can polish it up and make it more interesting to read. Your ultimate goal is to bestow critical thinking skills upon your readers.

5. Smart Link-Earning Strategy

You should have a link earning plan for your blog if you want it to rank well on search engines. Quality and natural backlinks are two important factors in Google’s eyes. Backlinks helps increase a blog pagerank and as we all know high pagerank blog posts are priorities by Google in SERPs. This may all change in a few years as Matt Cutts plans to add more emphasis on content and less on link-building/link-earning. However, for now, the practice is still widely used.

Look at link-earning (or link-building) as a natural process that has a variety of inputs and outputs. There are no shortcuts where white hat SEO is concerned and there are no highly classified hacks to getting quality links for your website. Building amazing backlinks takes time and hard work.


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