The idea of empowering employees and encouraging them to promote, and share company’s news, industry insights and updates has been growing in popularity. Employee advocates can help build trust and brand awareness, increase social media engagement, and, as a result, lead to more sales leads. Employee advocacy is about allowing employees to generate the exposure and participate in online marketing efforts as well as motivate them to share company’s updates with their professional and personal networks. There is a huge potential for businesses to gain extra exposure beyond the online marketing mediums that the company is on. Employee advocacy is the 2015 social media marketing trend which may help you achieve your brand goals and generate sales. So, how do you get your employees participate on social media?

1. LinkedIn Publisher

LinkedIn is the number one social media platform for sharing professional content. However, apart from sharing and liking company’s posts with followers, your employees can:

  • Join LinkedIn Groups, share content and engage with other users through group discussions;
  • Become a Publisher. LinkedIn’s Pulse Publishing (Long-Form Posts) platform has become a favourite tool for many industry influencers and professionals with its ability to reach hundreds of like-minded users. It can help build credibility and position your employees as industry leaders; build strong LinkedIn following and secure new clients.

2. Google Communities

Similar to LinkedIn Groups, Google Plus Communities allow users to share content and engage in group discussions.

  • Google Plus Communities is a great place to share content with other brands and the community members; by joining social media communities, users will be more likely to follow your brand’s Google Plus Page.

3. Twitter Group Messaging

The easiest way to make your employees participate in your social media marketing activities is to encourage them to Favourite and Retweet your company’s tweets. Additionally, your employee brand advocates can participate in Twitter direct message group chats with select Twitter followers.

4. Facebook Groups

If your employee brand ambassadors would like to move beyond Facebook post likes, shares and comments, then Facebook Groups may give an opportunity to them to shine and connect with potential customers.

  • Facebook Groups help turn social media engagements in connections that may result in sales and referrals if your employees are seen as valuable contributors and help other group members;
  • Facebook Group engagement can drive users to your company’s page and increase page likes;
  • Provide value for customers.

5. Social Media Marketing Likes, Shares and Comments

There are various ways your employees can participate in your social media marketing activities: from liking your company’s YouTube videos to re-pinning an image from a board on Pinterest to sharing links on Tumblr. Let your employees choose his or her favourite social media platform and become a brand ambassador!

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