Public Relations communication is an essential part of Twitter marketing. Understanding how to be a good communicator on social media can be an important productivity tool, one that many people neglect to understand. Poor communication can often lead to disastrous results; lost time, frustrated customers and loss in sales and conversions. In order to be better PR communicators on Twitter, we need to be aware of the following:



1. Increase Tweet Frequency:

The average brand with a presence on Twitter tweets 2-3 times a day. Assuming you are properly scheduling your tweets to be published at peak times, 6% of your active followers will see your posts/day. To improve PR communication, you may want to consider tweeting similar content several times throughout the day. This way you can reach out to more than 30% of your follower base every week.


2. Grow your Twitter Follower List:

There are many different ways to grow your Twitter followership. The best way to do that is to ask. Begin social media campaigns that encourage fans and customers to follow you on your social media channels. Another good way is to use tools, such as Cision and Twitter search, to find people with similar interests as you.


3. Promote Your Tweets:

Twitter is offering a way for its users to pay a fee so that your tweets appear at the top of the stream. The biggest advantage of Twitter ads is that it allows you to specify who sees your Tweets and who doesn’t. This ensures you have a higher chance of reaching the goals you’ve set.


4. Be Responsive:

Engaging with consumers builds relationships, and when social media marketing and interaction, especially on Twitter, is managed effectively it is a great way to generate interest in your product or service among qualified leads. Monitor all Twitter mentions and handle questions, requests, and comments promptly and professionally — always be mindful that how interactions are managed may persuade (or dissuade) people to do business with you. As well, it may be a good idea to start chats and discussions using a certain hashtag that relates to your business. Click here for more info.


5. Twitter Builds Relationships:

After using Twitter for a while, you start to absorb clues about people’s personalities on Twitter. You learn about their priorities, events they attend and what makes them happy. That insight Twitter provides will help you better understand how to serve them as potential customers.


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