Our digital marketing agency in Toronto which specializes in online reputation management has come up with 5 tips to help you successfully promote your small business on Yelp.

If you are a small business owner who markets products and services to consumers rather than businesses, then you really should consider registering an account with Yelp.

It’s one of those trustworthy, SEO friendly online directories that your prospects can visit to help them choose where and whom to buy from. With the ever growing army of smart phones on the market, more and more people are using Yelp to find places to eat, drink, shop, be entertained and find stores to shop for their necessities and luxuries.

Our online reputation management company in Toronto has come up with 5 tips to help you successfully promote your small business on Yelp:

Complete the profile

When you create a profile, you need to ensure you fill in as much detail about your company, and what it offers, as possible. Take a look at what your competitors are doing with their profiles. This will really make or break the deal – if your information is incomplete, then the potential customer will just move on to your competitor who has more information on their profile and appears to be more transparent about it.

Respond to all Reviews

Respond to all the reviews you receive, both the negative and positive ones. A simple “thank you” response to positive reviews shows Yelp visitors that you appreciate their business and loyalty. When dealing with negative reviews, respond publicly in a professional and courteous fashion. Start with an apology, then try to right any wrongs. Propose to take the complaint(s) offline so as to preserve the privacy of your customers.

Add a Yelp Badge to Your Website and Social Media Channels

Place a copy of your Yelp Badge on your website. Periodically, share your Yelp page on your social media channels. Don’t ask for reviews because this action is frowned upon by Yelp. Instead, just invite followers to check out your Yelp profile.

Your Sales Contact Can Do More Than Sell Ad Space

If you have a problem with your Yelp profile and are stuck, it does not hurt to discuss it with your Yelp sales rep. For example, if your business recently moved to a newer location, Yelp may close your old account and create a new one for you automatically. The problem with that approach is that you lose all your information, reviews and images. If you know you will be moving, give your sales rep a buzz to help make the transition smoother.

Free Tools Available

The automatic email notifications on your mobile that you have a new review, allows you to keep on top of them and write a quick response if needed. The check-in offers allow you to know that 1) Yelp sent you the client and 2) You can change them up to keep people looking for the new offer. The Activity Feed further allows you to monitor traffic over time.  They are available and free to use, so why not take advantage of them.

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