New clients are your lifeblood and frequently are the most expensive areas of investment. Sometimes we move so fast that we don’t slow down to think about what we’re doing or saying, how we’re doing it or saying it and if it’s the most effective way for us to get from “Point A to Point B”. Here are six things that we should try to avoid when prospecting to potential customers.

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1. More Cold Calls Means More Sales

The success of your prospecting will be much greater if you make less calls and spend more time researching your prospect’s website prior to you picking up the phone. Many sales managers focus on the quantity of calls versus the quality of the call and this practice should be avoided.

2. No Sales Appointments for the Week

Make a goal for yourself – 5 new sales appointments each week. That’s not much to ask – it translates to just 1 appointment each business day. If this sounds like hard work, then you’re probably not investing the time and the energy to make engaging and strategic outreaches.

3. No Content Management System (CMS)

Every prospect call made should be properly documented in a easy to use contact management software program. In your notes, detail facts such as what the company does, the names of the c-level executive, recent news, birthdays, and main competitors should always be included. Review those notes every time you make a follow up call. More importantly, don’t type all your notes in the system while you are on the phone with the prospect. Take out a pen and paper and write down the notes as you speak. When done, summarize the main points in the CMS.

4. Getting Distracted

Once you’ve cracked the all-important knack of listening to your customers, your next job is to give them your undivided attention. However, too many people don’t seem to be able to do that. It’s often too easy to be distracted by another call, another customer, a co-worker, when you should be concentrating on the process of negotiating or trying to complete a sale.

5. Not using a variety of prospecting methods

Social media, word of mouth referrals, direct mail, email, trade shows, newsletters and conferences are just some of the prospecting strategies you should consider. As a sales representative or sales manager you need to be everywhere your customers are.

6. Not believing in yourself

Nothing will defeat you faster than yourself. If you aren’t positive about both yourself and what you sell, then how do you expect anyone you meet to even think about being a prospect?

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