According to Business Insider, Snapchat became the third most popular social media platform among Millennials in 2015. The company is said to have more than 30 million active users, and claims that people send and view more than 700 pictures a day. As Snapchat continues to grow, so does the amount of companies that are using this Social Media platform to engage with their audience, and market their products and/or services. iRISEmedia highlights 6 examples of how companies have used Snapchat to successfully engage with their audience.

Brands that Rock Snapchat

The following companies have been using Snapchat creatively and successfully:

The Food Network

The Food Network is one of the brands that are featured on the ‘Discover’ page of Snapchat. New recipes are posted every day. The recipes are either explained with pictures accompanied by text, or through videos of people explaining how to prepare the recipes. The content is updated daily and is engaging. The combination of pictures, text and video keeps the reader interested and engaged. Thanks to its refreshing content it will induce the user come back on a regular basis.

irisemedia snapchat brands foodnetwork

World Wildlife Fund

Snapchat is not only used by for-profit organizations but also has become very effective for non-profit organizations. In 2014, World Wildlife Fund Denmark released a campaign called “Don’t let this be my #LastSelfie”. The snaps featured pictures of endangered animals like the tiger and the Great Panda. The emphasis of the campaign was powerful; just like images on Snapchat, the endangered species are gone after a short while too. This is an excellent example of how Snapchat can be used to get people to think about important issues.

irisemedia snapchat brands wwf


In anticipation of their Spring 2016 fashion show, Burberry presented their new clothing line on Snapchat. They also featured other components of the new line such as their models getting ready for the show and snaps including Anna Wintour. Burberry made sure that their fans got excited about the new line by using Snapchat to build up anticipation for the show.

irisemedia snapchat brands burberry


Last year, GrubHub used Snapchat as a platform to recruit their summer intern. One of the requirements was that the intern had “Snapchat Skillz”. GrubHub posted six images that included details on how to apply. This is a great example of using Snapchat for a variety of purposes, even hiring.

irisemedia snapchat brands grubhub


Last fall, RED (a non-profit organization that fights against AIDS) collaborated with Snapchat. The Social Media platform created special filters for its users and every time somebody used the filters, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation donated $3 to RED. The campaign eventually raised $3 million and is another example of how to raise awareness through Snapchat.

The above examples show how Snapchat is an excellent Social Media platform to reach a broad audience. Since Snapchat is such a creative platform, many different techniques can be used. Snapchat will be especially useful for companies that want to reach Millennials and we expect the platform to continue its growth in the future.

irisemedia snapchat brands red

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