LinkedIn Pulse PublisherA few months ago, I posted a LinkedIn article that received 30K+ views and hundreds of comments and shares. Several of my articles have been featured in various channels since then. LinkedIn Pulse is not only a great publishing platform for sharing industry news, tips and insights, but it also became a top source of website traffic with over 40% of our company’s website traffic subsequently coming from LinkedIn. We always include LinkedIn as a part of the social media marketing campaigns for our clients and can’t stress enough the importance of LinkedIn and the difference it has made for our clients.

In this article, we will share tips that worked for us for posting on LinkedIn Pulse.

  1. Use a Catchy Headline

Craft the perfect headline that will catch LinkedIn users’ attention. Focus on relevance to the reader and keep the headline relevant to the article. LinkedIn users are scrolling through dozens of news, updates and recommended articles. So, don’t miss a chance to catch their attention. The more clicks your article receive on LinkedIn, the better your chances of getting featured on LinkedIn Pulse. There is a reason why LinkedIn publishers use numbers, adjectives or trigger words in their headlines.

  1. Write with Your Audience In Mind

Pick a trending or popular topic. Research what is trending in your industry and write about topics that align with specific channels (Social Media, Leadership & Management, Technology, etc.). Even though LinkedIn doesn’t have limits on word count, 70% of LinkedIn Pulse featured articles are under 1,000 words. Avoid posts that are overly promotional or self-serving. Instead, share your professional expertise, experience and industry insights; provide value to your readers; be helpful and transparent.

  1. Publish When Your Audience Is Online

The best days to publish a LinkedIn article are midweek from Tuesday to Thursday. Business hours have the largest maximum reach and engagements. By publishing your posts during the most active times of the day, you can increase the visibility of your articles. Publish frequently, but focus on the quality of your content. The more posts you publish, the more credibility and followers you will build over time and the stronger your professional profile will become.

  1. Share on Social Media

Once you publish an article, drive views and engagements to the article. Post views, likes and comments will help distribute your content beyond your immediate network. LinkedIn Groups should become your top source for sharing content. It is also recommended to share articles on Twitter and other social media channels as well as with your email lists.

  1. Tag Your Posts

LinkedIn offers up to 3 tags that you can use for your article. Readers will then be able to click on those tags and see all posts that were published with the same tag.

  1. Choose an Engaging Banner Image

LinkedIn Pulse editor allows you to add a cover photo to the top of your article. The recommended size is 698×400 pixels. According to LinkedIn, readers are 14 times more likely to click on articles that have an engaging image. You can also add images, SlideShares and videos.

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