New Year’s resolutions often lose value so quickly that they become clichés. However, they are real and easy ways to positively impact your life beginning January 1st. Our Toronto search engine marketing team has assembled a cheat sheet of 5 resolutions every person, including our readers, should be making for 2015:



1. To stop skipping meals:

Every meal you eat is important for your body’s overall health.  An article published in the journal “Appetite” argues that skipping meals may be associated with lower energy or motivational levels.  The study tracked eating and physical activity patterns of overweight participants and measured how much they ate at each meal every day as well as how much they exercised. They found that the participants who skipped meals regularly burned fewer calories and spent less time exercising than those who did not skip their meals.


2. To cleanse life of toxic relationships:

Make a list of toxic people who have hurt you most in 2014. Burns that list, perhaps do it outside, to draw the solace from it. As well, make it your mission to not speak with them ever again and to cut them out of your life.  Toxic people may become barriers to your happiness and fulfillment in 2015.


3. To dedicate a day of the week to yourself:

Most people have a hard time finding time of themselves and dedicating at least an hour of the day to them. All the time, we look after the welfare of others, such as our kids and elderly parents. If we dedicate at least one day a week to ourselves we will feel less stressed and more rejuvenated in life.


4. To reorganize our work space to make the tasks more achievable:

De-clutter, empty, shred, and get rid of things that you don’t need anymore.  What haven’t you used for over a year? Organize one area at a time. If the product doesn’t work, send it out for repair or throw it out. If you haven’t used it in months and can’t think of when you’ll actually need it, out it goes.


5. To practice being honest with ourselves:

Don’t bury emotions and make others feel that you are comfortable when you are not. If it hurts you, it should be known to instigators and the aggressors. Don’t fret over your image at this point in time.


6. To give something meaningful to a loved one on a random day:

Giving gifts on special days, such as on Christmas and on Birthdays is fine, but it isn’t the same as an unexpected, unscheduled gift. These gifts are much more powerful and allow you to bond in ways that you haven’t before. Why is that?  Because they’re real and are independent expressions of friendship, affection and love.

Happy New Year! Check back on January 2, 2015 when our digital marketing managers publish a follow up article to this one.

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