There has been a lot of fuss about Google’s new algorithm update on March 12th, 2019. Some call it one of the biggest updates in years, others view it as a rollback from its previous August update. It might be too early to state what effects these changes are having. However, we should always stay up to date with the most recent announcements from Google to make sure our existing SEO strategies have not been affected. Below we provide you with 6 SEO tips to excel with your organic Google rankings in 2019.

Focus on the New SEO

Search Experience Optimization is the new SEO of 2019. The importance of content and brand optimization has always been of great importance. However, consistency and integration cannot be overlooked. You shouldn’t forget to also pay attention to the coherence of the different digital and social media channels you are using.

In order to establish this, you should take the following three factors into account: usability, relevance, and authority. First, it is crucial to ensure a good UX (user experience) on your website. Solve any architecture or indexing issues your site might have. This can easily be done by auditing your website on the free tool Furthermore, the content on your website should be inspiring, informative and entertaining. The longer visitors remain on your website once they have arrived is a huge factor for Google’s algorithm. Lastly, you want people to endorse you and link back to your website, which creates authority. We realize that this is all easier said than done. Get off to a good start by creating rich content describing your company’s products and/or services as well as background and history. Ensure you highlight your strengths and promote your company’s vision throughout your content and different platforms. This establishes a solid base for alignment.

Nowadays the focus of your campaign should be on providing your audience the best online experience you can across various platforms. Try to think beyond the obvious channels found on Social Media (Facebook, Instagram etc.) For example, ASO or also called App Store Optimization is a great way to create brand awareness in app stores and improve the ranking of your mobile application. This is only one example of the many options you should take try in terms of optimization.

Content Strategy for Actual People

Often when we touch the SEO-subject, we forget that we still create content for actual people. Don’t focus on keywords too much, it ruins your content and presents your audience with headaches rather than insights. Instead, you would want to focus on long-tail keywords but don’t overuse these phrases. These might not generate as much traffic but will attract the relevant audience that is truly interested. Do some social listening. Many people use social media as a way to express their dissatisfaction, so why not take advantage of that? Go through the comment section on various platforms and listen to the needs and concerns of your audience. Nevertheless, there are many audience tools to choose from when it comes down to content topics. When you put people in the center of your content strategy, nothing can go wrong. This additionally prepares your content for the voice-first world.

Voice Search & Position Zero

Voice search is having a great impact on how we approach SEO. In 2019 10% of all Google searches are being done through voice search. Our search behavior is changing. Mobile search took over desktop search in only a couple of years. It is only a matter of time until we move into the voice-first world. But how will this influence your SEO strategy?

When talking about voice search the only thing that matters is position 0. These are featured snippets that rank above the first organic search results and the only results that are spoken back. If you are able to place yourself in this position you will boost not only your traffic but also your visibility and trust. The first crucial criterion is 1st-page ranking. Research has shown that 99.58% of all featured snippets are from websites that rank at least in the top 10 of a search term. In order to rank this high, you could use tools like “SEMrush” or “Moz Pro” to find out what search queries your website ranks well for.

Additionally, we have to take into account that voice search is largely based on question-driven queries. Look at the “people also search” box to find out what your audience is searching for. This way you can come up with ideas for queries you may have missed out on previously.

Mobile First Indexing

After voice search, another critical consideration is the recent mobile-first indexing of Google. In 2019, 60% of all global searches are performed via mobile devices. Therefore, we encourage a top-down development approach. Why focus on your desktop website when more than half of the population searches via mobile? Especially if your company mainly relies on mobile organic traffic. Start creating your website with mobile search as part of your focus. Considering all potential consequences from the start saves a lot of time later in the game. That said, the basic SEO factors still count. Ensure a fast and fluid mobile experience on your website by using an AMP version (accelerated mobile pages), and test all your pages for upload speed.

Update Old Content

You are probably tired of hearing this phrase, but content is still king in 2019. There are hundreds of websites that fight for the same keywords on a daily basis. Do you think you will rank on the first page with outdated content? The answer is obviously no. Updating your old content might be dreadful, but it does ensure a higher ranking as this is a key factor Google uses to determine your quality score. Keeping your content fresh and up to date is crucial. However, there aren’t any tools or tricks you can use to carry out this task. Search for any grammar or spelling mistakes, and consequently improve your content quality. Additionally, linking to more relevant and newer resources lets Google know you have taken the time to update your content. When speaking of links, you should remove any broken link on your website. Fortunately, there are tools that make this process easier. We recommend using “Broken Link Checker” or “Broken Link Checker for Google Chrome”.

It is time-consuming and asks for a lot of effort. However, this will pay off. It doesn’t solely ensure that you maintain your audience, but will also increase traffic to your website.

Optimize from the start

Finally, our most valuable advice is to start optimizing your website from the beginning. SEO is a process, you cannot start or stop whenever you feel like. Be as consistent as possible, and keep the fundamentals in mind every time your work on your website. Here are some basic points to remember.

Ensure to optimize titles, meta descriptions and header tags for each piece of web content you create. If you plan on using video content, also ensure to implement your desired keywords in the title and description section of the video. Furthermore, it is advised to use readable user and search friendly URL’s. When setting up your website, you shouldn’t forget about your thematic backbone. Establish good navigation and link to deeper content within your own site (internal linking). These might seem like basic SEO techniques but you would be surprised how often these basic items are overlooked. There’s no point in getting too technical if you’ve missed the basic fundamentals of SEO.

Our Advice to You

The bottom line for 2019 is to focus on the user experience. Understand the needs and struggles your audience is having and map these out. Provide an easy and streamlined method for your web visitors to find what they are searching for. Optimize your website for any mobile device and aim for position zero in the SERP’s. Finally, throughout this entire process constantly keep the basic SEO fundamentals in mind.

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