Email Marketing and Social MediaEmail marketing and social media marketing alone are very effective online marketing tools. Want to give your online marketing a boost? Combine email marketing with social media for campaign optimization and to maximize your marketing efforts. In this article, we will provide 6 powerful ways to boost your social media and email marketing campaign.

  1. Email Campaign Opt-in Options

To launch an email campaign you will need to start growing an email list. Set up a simple email sign-up page for the website visitors to easily subscribe and link it from every page of your website. On Facebook, create a customized tab with an email form. Use your company’s social media accounts and other online properties where your fans are already active to promote.

  1. Include Incentive

Special promotions and discounts, a free piece of content or a contest are valuable incentives to make your followers sign up. Offer your target customers something that they would find valuable.

  1. Drive Sign-Ups through Social Media Marketing

If your company has a strong social media presence, you can use social media to grow your email list. Whether your fans will subscribe directly on a social media platform or on the website, social media channels can help maximize email marketing efforts.

  • Facebook. Firstly, you can create a post with a link to the subscription page. Include an image to generate more engagement and clicks. Offer an incentive to convince your followers to take action. Secondly, create a Custom Tab to add subscription functionality to the page. For this tab, make sure it is customized with your branding and include a call-to-action such as “Subscribe Now”. The third option is to customize your cover photo and include a link to the sign-up page. Facebook ads can become a crucial part of your member-acquisition strategy. Target your ads to a specific set of people using Custom Audiences.
  • Twitter can also help increase the number of sign-ups. Add a link to the subscription page in the Twitter bio. Promote your email sign-up and add incentives in a welcome direct message when a Twitter user follows you. Tweet about an e-mail-only promotion and include a link to the sign-up page. Promote your tweets using a Twitter Lead Generation Card. Once a Twitter user clicks on the link and opt-in, you’ll receive their email address, Twitter handle and name that can be easily exported later.
  • On LinkedIn you can use your personal profile, LinkedIn Pulse publishing platform, LinkedIn Groups and business page to grow your email database.
  1. Include Social Media Icons
    One of the ways to increase the number of followers/likes is by including icons/links to your social media accounts. Email subscribers show interest in your company by signing up to your email list, so they will be more likely to follow/like your company’s social media accounts as well. Make sure the buttons are big, bold and placed where your subscribers can see them. You can define which subscribers will be sent to specific social media platforms by segmenting your database. For example, include Twitter and Instagram icons for a younger, more plugged-in subscribers; Facebook and LinkedIn might work better for older demographics.
  1. Ask to Share & Connect


Ask email subscribers to share your email content on social media platforms. Include Calls-to-action, like: ‘Retweet this’, ‘Share on Facebook’, ‘Tell your Friends’. Give your subscribers tools to spread the word and make it easy to share. Consider using a pre-defined content that will automatically pre-populate the message and ensure the messaging is optimized for various social media channels.

  1. Engage Fans in a Social Media Group
    Finally, you can give your email marketing campaign a boost by creating a social media community where group members can share their expertise and experience, ask questions and connect with other group members. Use an email marketing campaign to keep these members up-to-date: send out a newsletter every week or month. You can also use your email list to tell other email subscribers about the social media group, and ask them to participate. is a Toronto digital media agency providing Social Media Marketing, SEO, PPC and Email Marketing services in Toronto, Ontario, the GTA and throughout Canada as well as globally.

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