With over 1.49 billion monthly active users on Facebook and 316 million monthly active users on Twitter, it is the time for businesses to be on social media. The plethora of social media platforms and tools can be extremely beneficial for your online marketing. In our blog we often include social media tips and trends, and other topics that any business with social media presence should know. But what about the things businesses are doing wrong? We listed seven common mistakes brands should avoid.

1. Not Having a Content Calendar

Social media content calendars help organize your content strategy and ensure your company consistently publishes high-performing content. It also helps keep you from forgetting important events and reminds you what you posted as well as identify which posts are successful. By knowing which posts received the most likes, shares and comments, you can improve on your content strategy.

2. Posting Overly Promotional Posts

Posting overly promotional posts is a common mistake businesses make on social media. If you advertise or promote your products or services on Facebook or Twitter you should avoid being too pushy. Firstly, the most recent Facebook’s algorithm update limits organic reach for Pages that post overly promotional posts. A recent survey conducted by Facebook showed that users want to see fewer advertisements and more of their friends’ posts and pages they follow and actually care about.

Secondly, online users are often turned off by companies that are too promotional about their products or services. If you want to persuade people to buy your products or sign up for your next event, try to be subtle with it. Facebook is now actually also reducing the posts that are too promotional.

3. Not Having a Completed Profile

Like any other business, you want people to know what you do, who you are, and where potential customers can find you. One of the most common mistakes businesses make on social media is not completing their social media profiles. Not only it makes your profile look less professional, you might miss out on potential customers who might not buy from your business due to lack of information.

4. Not Replying To Comments or Messages

Social media helps promote your business. However, it does not mean that you can ignore your followers by not responding to comments and messages. Social media platforms exist to build trust and relationships with your customers. Therefore, you never want to make the wrong impression that you don’t care about their comments or questions.

Private messages are just as important as regular replies and comments. Just because no one can see them does not mean you can take your time with answering those messages. They are your customers so you want to help them as best as you can and if they have a problem make sure you always find a solution.

5. Not Monitoring What People are Saying about Your Brand

Monitoring what people are saying about your brand is something that needs to be done before even creating your social media strategy. How would you approach your online audience without knowing what they think of you and your products? Make sure you do some listening before you try to talk to an audience who already formed their opinions about you.

6. Not Customizing Posts for Each Channel

Make sure you are taking your channels into consideration and plan how your messages will resonate with your audience. Every social media platform has its purpose. For example, Twitter only gives 140 characters to work with while Facebook lets you post longer messages. Brands can join conversations by using trending hashtags on Twitter.

Every social media platform has its own benefits and strengths so it would be a missed opportunity if you post something on Twitter that would be more effective and engaging on a platform such as Facebook. A successful social media manager should customize each post for every social media channel the company is on.

7. Not Measuring or Tracking Results

Another common mistake businesses make on social media is not tracking their results and their ROI. Many brands spend their time focusing on marketing on social media but forget to measure the results. Make sure you always track your ROI and use analytics tools to calculate the ROI on social media. Set up clear social media goals and a specific number of customers or leads you want to be driven by social media. In addition, you should also track social media reach, website traffic, revenue generated, and more.

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