As an SEO company in Toronto we are doing this article on seven important rules for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  For further information on this topic please refer to the article in SEO News. Each article will focus on one important SEO rule.  This article is the 5th in a series of 7.

Think of SEO as Long Term

iRISEmedia and any other SEO company in Toronto would agree with the fact that SEO is long term.

Unfortunately it’s true. SEO is long term and there is no way around it. What SEO company in Toronto wouldn’t want to say to a client, we’ll have you on page 1 by tomorrow afternoon? At iRISEmedia we can say that for PPC (Pay-Per-Click); however with organic rankings it isn’t that simple.

A website needs to gain credibility with search engines and that takes time. It takes time to write quality articles with rich content obtain high quality and relevant backlinks and properly upload all material with meta data onto your website. Then it simply takes time for Google to index your content and backlinks.

Once a website is on page 1 the next step is to move up in the rankings. Once a website is ranking #1 on page 1 the next step is to stay there. There is nothing like being in the #1 spot but it won’t stay there on its own. This indicates to the consumer the #1 website happens to be the best in the business.

One could compare a large well known company to a mom and pop competitor. The large company’s marketing budget is being spent on radio and television. The mom and pop is putting a large percentage of their marketing budget into SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Who do you think will be on page 1? If you guessed the mom and pop business you are correct. At iRISEmedia we see this all the time as do many other SEO companies in Toronto. When someone watches a television program and a commercial comes on either people watch it or flip the channel. The viewer might or might not be in the market for what the commercial is advertising. When a person wants a product or service and opens up their computer and clicks their search engine of choice and types in a keyword, that person has become a prospect. A person will search for what they want and in over 90% of the cases won’t go to page 2 of the search results. SEO is long term…but it’s worth the wait.

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