As an SEO company in Toronto we are featuring this article on seven important rules for an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Company (Source: Each article will focus on one important SEO rule. This is the last article in a series of 7.

Integrate Everything

iRISEmedia along with any other professional SEO company in Toronto would agree with the SEO rule that you must integrate everything. By integrating everything you have read in our series of articles, it will become clear that effective SEO is a combination or integration of all 6 important SEO rules.

# 1- Understanding the Users Intent

At iRISEmedia we believe this is due to the fact that the initial phase of any SEO (Search Engine Optimization) begins with keywords as a result of thorough keyword research. The goal is to obtain the proper keywords your potential clients would choose when searching for your business in their preferred search engine of choice.

The key is to understand USER INTENT as well as USER DEMOGRAPHICS when choosing keywords to optimize.

# 2 – Don’t Rush Your Back linking

A proper strategic plan regarding backlinking for an SEO company in Toronto would be to diversify. As mentioned, backlinking to forums, article directories, blogs and web directories would be the most effective way to gain internet presence slowly and effectively.

The ideal in backlinking is to backlink to sites with a high page rank that are relevant to your industry. Please be cautious and stay away from anything that suggests “for adults only” or “link farms”. Google does not look favourably at backlinks from adult websites and can penalize for backlinks from link farms.

# 3 – SEO Content Writing is King

Any SEO company in Toronto will tell you that when it comes to SEO content writing, be creative! The SEO content writing an SEO company writes for their clients should be an original body of work. Never plagiarize or use material from another source without providing proper credit. It is important to note that Google has ways to detect this and an SEO company is taking a great risk in using plagiarized material for website content. Getting caught could bring possible sanctions or penalization from Google.

# 4 – Be Strategic, Not Spammy

When posting on blogs and forums it is best to be original with your comments. Make sure the comment is relevant to the article that is being blogged about and the article you are linking too is relevant as well. In other words everything has to make sense. There is no point in posting a comment on an SEO company website and post a link to a car dealership.

# 5 – SEO is Long Term

A website needs to gain credibility with search engines and that takes time. It takes time to write quality articles with rich content, obtain high quality and relevant backlinks and properly upload all material with meta data onto your website. Then it simply takes time for Google to index your content and backlinks.  Be patient and do it right. It is worth it.

#6 – Follow Search Engine Guidelines

In general, nowadays when we learn something new, most of us learn the rules and “how to’s” on how to play the game. However SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is not a game. A business is someone’s livelihood and should be taken very seriously. iRISEmedia is an SEO company in Toronto and we take Search Engine Optimization very seriously. We specialize in all aspects of online marketing with an emphasis on SEO and Social Media marketing.

They way to keep Google and Bing happy is to play by the rules. Playing by the rules means using only “white hat” SEO strategies. If an SEO company in Toronto, or anywhere for that matter, plays by the search engine rules, works hard and offers excellent customer service there is an excellent chance for SEO success.

Although nothing can be guaranteed for SEO results if your SEO company in Toronto follows the 7 important rules for an SEO company you can be certain that hands down your website is on the rise to SEO success.

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