Like most controversial topics out there, social media marketing also has its own set of myths that need some debunking. Many of the myths about to be listed can be detrimental to the success of the business running those campaigns, especially if the manager is trying to apply yesterday’s practices to today’s social media landscapes.

As a business owner and entrepreneur, knowing the truth is very important and iRISEmedia is committed to setting the record straight. Here are 7 myths about social media marketing you should be aware of and get rid of in your business practices.

1. Google+ Is Useless

It depends on what you use Google+ for and who is your target audience. Google+ is very prominent overseas, especially in India, Mexico, Thailand and South Africa. If your target market is aimed at these countries, you may find Google+ very relevant. As well, Google+ offers a free platform to host and invite participants to webinars using Google+ Hangouts. You no longer need to invest in expensive software like GoToMeetings.

Arguably, the single most important feature of Google+ is Google+ Local. You no longer have to pay thousands of dollars to Yellow Pages and 411 to get your business listed in a book that most people don’t even have. Google+ offers free listings with authentic reviews, business pictures and virtual tours of your premises.

2. You Need To Join Every Social Network

When it comes to social media marketing, less is more. It is better not to have a presence on a social network, then to have a presence with minimal or no content. Keep in mind that engaging on every social network is time consuming. It’s thereby important to research the specific social media channels your customers frequent and target those channels only.

3. Hashtags Are Important

The purpose of hashtags is to unite common conversation threads. Although it is a good idea to attach a hashtag to an event you are hosting, a contest you are running or a topic you that you are trying to promote to a larger audience, don’t get too worked up if it does not become a trending item. Think of hashtags as a way to be more user-friendly for those following the hashtag and not as a way to make your marketing goals succeed.

4. More Content = More Results

It’s never a good idea to over post. Less is more. Share information only when it is interesting, relevant and valuable to your customers and followers/fans. DowSocial’s infographic best explains the routine you should be following.


Image: DowSocial

5. Social Media Efforts Cannot Be Measured

The great thing about digital marketing is that you can track just about everything and know how many people view your ads, posts and news. You can literally track new leads, conversions and visits to your websites. Each social network and search engine has their own set tools to assist you, i.e., Google Analytics, Facebook Insights and Twitter Analytics.

6. Don’t Get Personal

Although the content you publish should keep your target audience in mind, it does not necessarily mean that you cannot publish anything about your brand’s personality. There are real people behind your company, so don’t be afraid to show that with some humor, pictures, infographics and videos.

7. Social Media Is For The Young

This myth exists because people have the misconception that since social media is related to technology and young people are more tech savvy, social media is for them and not for the older generation. With such thought, business owners and marketing professionals are missing a chunk of the social media users who are not belonging in the Millennial generation.

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